Get your balcony ready for the summer

Outdoor relaxation is not only for people on the country side with big backyards. You can easily turn your balcony into a space that invites you to come and sit and soak in the summer sun while you are surrounded by green nature. With SQUARELY's self-watering planters, the warm wood-colour will give your balcony a natural touch while the planters take good care of your plants, flowers, or herbs.

Decorate your outdoor space with wood

All our self-watering planters can be used outdoors - whether it is on your terrace or hanging from your balcony. We use excess high-quality wood from other furniture productions that we source within EU. The wood is treated with pigmented and chemical-free oil, all to make our planters as durable as possible and resistant to extreme wind and rain.

Embrace green living in your home

Green and thriving indoor plants bring any room to life - especially during the winter months. All plants come with a range of benefits: They act as air purifiers and can clear the air, they can lift your mood and motivation, and they can even be styled and decorated to match your home. With our self-watering system, they are even easy to maintain.

Better air-quality at your office

The benefits of plants go far beyond the aesthetics: Having plants in your office helps balance the humidity levels and airborne dust levels as well as reducing the presence of different kinds of pollutants. Interior plants play a vital role in providing a pleasant and tranquil environment in which to work or relax. Read about all the benefits of plants in a work environment.

Use plants as a wall decoration

There is a lot of beautiful species of plants with different characteristics, and there is nothing wrong with treating your plants just like any other piece of your wall decorations. In fact, you should match your choice of plant with your paintings or posters to fit it to the look of your home or office. Read all our tips for decorating your wall with plants.