With accessories, you can customise your GrowON and GrowWIDE planters to better fit your needs and taste. Use straps to hang your planters on the balcony or wall, or legs lift your planter from the floor to create a more elegant touch in your space.

→ For inside & outside

→ Endless possibilities

→ High-quality








          StandON Natural Ash

          Kr. 399.00

          StandON Dark Oak

          Kr. 399.00

          StandON Black Ash

          Kr. 399.00

          StandWIDE Natural Ash

          Kr. 449.00

          StandWIDE Dark Oak

          Kr. 449.00

          StandWIDE Black Ash

          Kr. 449.00

          HoldON Leather

          Kr. 249.00

          HoldON Fabric

          Kr. 149.00

          Replaceable Plant Box + Capillary Mat

          Kr. 59.00

          Capillary Mat Set for GrowON

          Kr. 79.00

          Capillary Mat Set for GrowWIDE

          Kr. 79.00

          Capillary Mat Set for GrowBIG

          Kr. 99.00
          Inspirational Scandinavian design

          StandWIDE is crafted with respect and responsibility for people and our planet.

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          Decorating your walls with plants is a great way to add greenery to your interior...

          Plants are an essential part of interior design. They enhance and bring life into the...

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