Unfold WIDE  77x33x40cm
Unfold WIDE  77x33x40cm
Unfold WIDE  77x33x40cm
Unfold WIDE  77x33x40cm
Unfold WIDE  77x33x40cm
Unfold WIDE  77x33x40cm
Unfold WIDE  77x33x40cm
Unfold WIDE  77x33x40cm
Unfold WIDE  77x33x40cm
Unfold WIDE  77x33x40cm
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Unfold WIDE 77x33x40cm

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    • Model: SQUARELY Unfold WIDE
    • Dimensions: 77 cm x 33 cm x 40 cm (LBH)
    • Wood Type: Upcycled Superwood, Wood class 1, PEFC (new wood)
    • Treatment: Water based stain
    • Use: Outdoor, with a drainage
    • Self-Watering: Mona Self-Watering as optional accessory
    • Made in EU: Recycled materials from Denmark
    • Compatible Accessories: Wheels and Self-watering system
    • Delivery: 3-5 weeks

    Introducing 'Unfold' – A Breath of Sustainable Innovation in Outdoor Planters by Squarely Copenhagen!

    Enhance your outdoor space with our resilient Unfold collection made of up-cycled wood. Immerse yourself in earthy colors inspired by nature, and customize your haven with our unique color palette options.

    Made from upcycled Danish Superwood, our planters present timeless elegance with its architect designed patterns and are engineered to withstand all weather conditions, from icy winters to scorching summers.

    Unfold offers versatility with 4 predefined and custom sizes, allowing you to tailor your outdoor oasis precisely to your preferences. More than mere planters, Unfold represents a commitment to nature.

    Superwood stands out as the only fully impregnated spruce in the world, achieved through a patented process. Traditional pressure-treated spruce offers surface-level protection, while Superwood uniquely impregnates every cell from inside to out, providing unparalleled defense against rot and wood-degrading fungi without the use of heavy metals.
    SQUARELY utilizes wood sorted out due to imperfections, amounting to approximately 7% of total wood production. While unsuitable for facade cladding, these planks retain excellent properties for SQUARELY products. We meticulously address any cracks, knots, and imperfections, ensuring a flawless surface finish.
    All the UNFOLD planters are made per order especially for you. The delivery time is 3-5 weeks. If you wish a custom color please send as an email to hello@squarely.dk with the color specification in RAL, and an example of the desired effect. Please bear in mind that there might be small differences as every material absorbs the color differently.
    If you wish to add the self-watering system, we will provide the MONA self-watering that consist of a water container placed in the soil, a water tube and water meter.