Big, Square Self-Watering Planters

GrowBIG is a large (45cm x 45cm x 52cm), wooden planter designed for both outdoor and indoor use. This smart planter incorporates a self-watering system.

Ideal for cultivating large outdoor plants, as well as for spacious rooms and terraces, the wooden planter offers versatility in its usage. You can enhance its mobility by adding wheels, allowing easy movement around your house or terrace.

The self-watering system features an 18L water container, effectively reducing the frequency of watering and ensuring optimal growth for your plants.

→ For inside & outside

→ Self-watering system

→ High-quality wood







        GrowBIG Dark Oak

        Kr. 2,699.00

        GrowBIG Natural Ash

        Kr. 2,699.00

        GrowBIG Black Ash

        Kr. 2,699.00
        Keep your plants healthy with the smart self-watering system

        All our products are as smart as they are simple. A self-watering system makes plant maintenance easy, providing exactly what a plant needs to drink just as mother nature would. The integrated self-watering system is ideal for people on the go and with limited time for watering: Goodbye to dead plants!

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