For the terrace

Create a green oasis on your terreace with high-quality wood and make your plants thrive with our self-watering system. All products are treated with chemical-free oil and crafted of hard wood that will make your planters last.

→ Crafted in EU

→ Self-watering system

→ High-quality wood







        GrowLARGE Black Ash

        Kr. 3,749.25Kr. 4,999.00

        GrowLARGE Natural Ash

        Kr. 4,999.00

        GrowLARGE Dark Oak

        Kr. 4,999.00

        GrowBIG Dark Oak

        Kr. 2,699.00

        GrowBIG Black Ash

        Kr. 2,024.25Kr. 2,699.00

        GrowBIG Natural Ash

        Kr. 2,699.00

        GrowMORE Black Ash

        Kr. 1,499.25Kr. 1,999.00

        GrowMORE Natural Ash

        Kr. 1,999.00

        GrowMORE Dark Oak

        Kr. 1,999.00

        GrowWIDE Black Ash + HoldON

        Kr. 1,461.00Kr. 1,948.00

        GrowWIDE Dark Oak + HoldON

        Kr. 1,461.00Kr. 1,948.00

        GrowWIDE Natural Ash + HoldON

        Kr. 1,461.00Kr. 1,948.00
        Inspirational Scandinavian design

        GrowLARGE is crafted with respect and responsibility for people and our planet.

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        Decorating your walls with plants is a great way to add greenery to your interior...

        Plants are an essential part of interior design. They enhance and bring life into the...

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