Our Sustainable Actions

We believe in a future where people feel healthy and relaxed in their home and offices, surrounded by thriving nature, nature that can take care of itself. A better tomorrow is our focus throughout our entire supply chain, and we’re deeply rooted in sharing our passion. We only use excess high-quality wood from other productions, and all our products are produced within the EU.
Recycled plastic

We have designed all our planters to be as environmentally friendly as possible throughout every small detail. For that reason, our plastic boxes that contain the plants and water are made out of recycled plastic to reuse waste and reduce the consumption of valuable raw material.

Contribution to well-being

Plants add more to a home or office than just a decorative touch: Psychologists have found that, as well as oxygenating the air, bringing flora and plants into the home or office improves satisfaction and can increase productivity by up to 15%

Excess wood

We use excess high-quality wood from other productions that we source within EU. It is treated with pigmented and chemical-free oil, all to make our planters as durable as possible.



Improve your air quality

The benefits of plants go far beyond the aesthetics. Having plants in your apartment helps balance the humidity levels and airborne dust levels as well reducing the presence of different kinds of pollutants. Interior plants play a vital role in providing a pleasant and tranquil environment in which to move, work or relax.


Sustainable development goals

SQUARELY is determined to follow the sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by UN. SDG 4: Squarely is determined to contribute to quality education for youngsters. To do so, we collaborate with KEA, AAU, and CBS. SDG 11: Outdoor plants enhance outdoor spaces as well as air quality. Placing plants outdoors and maintaining them contributes to the greening of streets and cities as well as helps communities to become more sociable and connected. SDG 12: Squarely products are developed within the circular economy framework. SDG 17: Creating collaborations is been key for Squarely's success. We have created partnerships that allow the company to have a broader network that contributes to other SDGs.