SQUARELY COPENHAGEN planters are long-lasting products that will save you a lot of time on watering. The natural wood and plants create a highlight in every space. The planters will last for many years, and you can grow your collection over the years. We do not make seasonal products. 

SQUARELY COPENHAGEN is also a sustainable choice. Read more about our sustainable actions here.

All the products are made in the EU. We support small manufacturers that produce different parts of the products for us. They are located in Poland, Denmark and Belgium. Combining modern and distinctive design with a Danish wood-crafting tradition, SQUARELY provides the ultimate solution for growing indoor and outdoor greenery, edible plants, and flowers. By using our products, you contribute to reclaiming and re-using materials and to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

If you would like to receive samples for a project you can order them here.

We have a showroom in Copenhagen, HOUE&Friends, and selected retailers in other countries that you can find here.

Yes, we also design and produce custom orders. You can send a request here.


Self-watering system

All SQUARELY COPENHAGEN planters contains in integrated self-watering system. Using two capilarity mats, the soil naturally gets continually hydrated at the same humidity level so that your plants always stay perfectly hydrated. This will allow you to go on with your busy lifestyle and still enjoy healthy plants in a dry summer. Read our guide here.

On average, from 1-3 times a month. If it's very warm and sunny, you need to provide water more often. In winter, the plants grow very slowly and the containers only need to be refilled every 4 to 5 weeks.

The soil should be humid 2 cm below the surface, and there is less water in the water container over time. In models like GrowON and GrowWIDE, you can slightly lift the water container to feel if there is water. 

If you are in doubt: 

First, make sure that the plant was planted directly on the capillary mat. 

Then check that the capillary straps go directly down in the water in the water container. 

Check if the soil did not dry completely; if it's completely dry, activate the watering system by adding more water.



If you bought a wall version, you either have a premade hole to place the screw or a hook. Find instructions here.

If you would like to hang another GrowON or GrowWIDE that is not a wall version, you can purchase an additional part for it here.

We provide wheels with screws. Attach them to the wooden blocks below GrowBIG or GrowLARGE with a screw-driver.

You can use it everywhere, but make sure that there are no significant height differences. The wheels will tolerate 1-2 cm differences. If you need to move the planter over a step, we recommend that you lift it.


Materials and parts

The capillary mat is made of synthetic material, and you can keep it for many years. If you throw away a plant with the capillary mat, you can always reorder a new one.

All our planters can be used outdoors and indoors.

The wood is oiled and it protects the wood well, however, it's always a good idea to add an extra layer of transparent oil to protect it from the weather. We recommend oiling the planters 1-2 times a year. If you want to add a colour or refresh it, you can use pigmented oil. Here are examples of the brands you can use: Osmo, Trip Trap, Gori.



Yes, we can provide plants for commercial or private projects.

There are a few crucial elements needed for plants to thrive: It's light, nutrition, water, and temperature. 

First, check that they get the right amount of light, then check if the self-watering system is used correctly.

Remember to add the fertiliser every second week in summer and every second month during winter. 

Some plants do not like a draft. Check which temperatures they tolerate.

Check if there are insects. If your plants are infected, separate the sick plants quickly and treat them right away. Do the same with all the other plants around the infected plant. 

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