Coffee table with planter
Self watering wooden planters

For home and office - hanging, wall mount or standing

GrowBIG Natural Ash

Kr. 2,699.00

GrowSMALL Natural Ash

Kr. 599.00

GrowON Natural Ash

Kr. 899.00

GrowWIDE Natural Ash + StandWIDE

Kr. 2,148.00

GrowWIDE Natural Ash

Kr. 1,699.00

StandON Natural Ash

Kr. 399.00

GrowWIDE Natural Ash + HoldON

Kr. 1,948.00

GrowON Natural Ash + StandON

Kr. 1,298.00

GrowMORE Natural Ash

Kr. 1,999.00

GrowSMALL Wall Natural Ash

Kr. 688.00

GrowON Wall Natural Ash

Kr. 899.00

GrowON Natural Ash + HoldON

Kr. 1,148.00
Keep your plants healthy with the smart self-watering system

All our products are as smart as they are simple. A self-watering system makes plant maintenance easy, providing exactly what a plant needs to drink just as mother nature would. The integrated self-watering system is ideal for people on the go and with limited time for watering: Goodbye to dead plants!



Looking for inspiration?

Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine a piece of furniture in your own home or office. That's why we have created a lookbook to help you decorating your next green space - whether it's inside or outside.