GrowBIG is the biggest SQUARELY smart planter, perfect for growing large outdoor plants, and also for spacious rooms and terraces. The self-watering system with a 18L water container will reduce the watering frequency and make plants thrive.

→ For inside & outside

→ Self-watering system

→ High-quality wood







        GrowBIG Black Ash

        Kr. 2,024.25Kr. 2,699.00
        Inspirational Scandinavian design

        GrowBIG is crafted with respect and responsibility for people and our planet.

        GrowBIG is the big model of SQUARELY design planters family, making it the ideal planter for bigger plants requiring more soil and water. Combining modern and distinctive design with Danish wood-crafting tradition, this planter provides the ultimate solution for growing outdoor greener or spacious indoor spaces.

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