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Decorate your terrace still this summer, with SQUARELY self-watering planters and natural wood

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GrowWIDE Dark Oak + HoldON

Kr. 1,461.00Kr. 1,948.00

GrowON Dark Oak

Kr. 899.00

GrowWIDE Dark Oak

Kr. 1,699.00

GrowBIG Dark Oak

Kr. 2,699.00

GrowWIDE Dark Oak + StandWIDE

Kr. 2,148.00

GrowON Dark Oak + StandON

Kr. 1,298.00

GrowSMALL Natural Ash

Kr. 599.00

GrowBIG Natural Ash

Kr. 2,699.00

GrowON Natural Ash

Kr. 899.00

GrowWIDE Natural Ash + StandWIDE

Kr. 2,148.00

GrowMORE Dark Oak

Kr. 1,999.00

GrowSMALL Wall Dark Oak

Kr. 688.00