HoldON Leather
HoldON Leather
HoldON Leather
HoldON Leather
HoldON Leather - Squarely
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HoldON Leather

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    • Model: SQUARELY HoldON
    • Color: Black, Brown or Cognac
    • Dimensions: 38cm or 48cm - use the 48cm straps for handrails that are wider than 7cm or thicker than 4cm
    • Fabric: Leather and Nylon
    • Fits: All shapes of railings
    • Strength: Up to 300kg

    HoldON is SQUARELY's smart hanging system that ensures easy and secure attachment of GrowON and GrowWIDE to the balcony railing,  French balcony, fence, or on any indoor railing - it's flexible and space-saving. The straps come in two different lengths and materials, as well as a selection of colours to suit all indoor and outdoor areas. With HoldON, your planters hang securely, even when it's windy.

    The straps are made of durable nylon that can carry up to 300kg. Use the longer straps for handrails that are wider than 7 cm or thicker than 4 cm.
    Whether you desire plants for the balcony, living room, terrace, kitchen, or bedroom, our self-watering plant boxes come with a self-irrigation capillary system that will keep your plants healthy and fresh both indoors and outdoors. With this efficient self-watering system, you can grow different plants in one smart planter, while reducing the watering frequency by 3 times.

    The recycled PE container has a capillary system that transport the water from the container to the soil. This means that you only have to water you plants 1-3 times per month while the plants always stay perfectly hydrated.

    The simple, self-watering system is ideal for people on the go and with limited time for watering: Goodbye to dead plants after traveling!
    Combining modern, and distinctive design with danish wood-crafting tradition, SQUARELY provides the ultimate solution for growing indoor and outdoor greenery, edible plants, and flowers. By using our products, you contribute to reclaiming and re-using materials and to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

    The water tank and soil container are made of high-quality recycled plastic. The wood comes from excess in high-end furniture production, meaning no more trees were cut down.

    The wood is ash or oak, oiled, from European FSC controlled forests. Furthermore, the wood is soaked in oil that makes it weather resistant.