BloomON Meadow Green
BloomON Meadow Green
BloomON Meadow Green
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BloomON Meadow Green

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    • Model: SQUARELY BloomON
    • Color: Meadow Green
    • Dimensions: 27 cm x 27 cm x 30 cm
    • Wood Type: Plywood, stained
    • Treatment: Stained, for indoor use only
    • Self-watering: 3L water container
    • Made in EU: FSC Certified plywood from EU

    Unleash your connection to nature and express your personality with BloomON. Add character to your space with distinctive plants and colours.

    Presenting BloomON, exquisite planters designed to enhance your indoor style and greenery experience. WIth minimalistic design and crafted with precision, BloomON offers dimensions perfect for your living room or the home office.

    Like all SQUARELY planters, BloomON boasts a built-in self-watering system, ensuring the health and vitality of your plants with minimal effort. Bid farewell to wilted leaves as you welcome a flourishing display of greenery that effortlessly thrives!

    Witness your plants bloom with vitality, infusing your home decor with a touch of personality. It's time to curate a sanctuary where the seamless coexistence of nature and style reigns supreme.

    Whether you desire plants for the balcony, living room, terrace, kitchen, or bedroom, our self-watering plant boxes come with a self-irrigation capillary system that will keep your plants healthy and fresh both indoors and outdoors. With this efficient self-watering system, you can grow different plants in one smart planter, while reducing the watering frequency by 3 times.

    The recycled PE container has a capillary system that transport the water from the container to the soil. This means that you only have to water you plants 1-3 times per month while the plants always stay perfectly hydrated.

    The simple, self-watering system is ideal for people on the go and with limited time for watering: Goodbye to dead plants after traveling!