Medium-Big (35cm) Cubic Planters

Say goodbye to dead plants with GrowMORE. This medium to big sized wooden planter is designed to take good care of your plants as its hidden self-watering system containing up to 4.5 liters allows your plants to drink what they need - just like in nature.

GrowMORE planters can be fitted with wheels for easy movement around your home or outdoors on your terrace.

GrowMORE dimensions are 35cm x 35cm x 40cm (without wheels) and available in Oak and Ash wood in natural light to dark colours.

→ For inside & outside

→ Self-watering system

→ High-quality wood








            GrowMORE Dark Oak

            Kr. 1,999.00

            GrowMORE Black Ash

            Kr. 1,999.00

            GrowMORE Natural Ash

            Kr. 1,999.00

            Decorate your space with the architect-designed planter

            This cubic planter is hand-crafted in minimalistic wood with simple, vertical planks that will bring the feeling of forest to your space, whether it's outdoors or indoors.

            Open one side of the planter to refill the water container. The planter has a large water reservoir of 4,5L that will give you many days free of watering. All our planters are made of excess wood from European forests. The plastic containers are made of recycled plastic in the EU.
            Inspirational Scandinavian design

            GrowMORE is crafted with respect and responsibility for people and our planet.

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