The best plants to plant in July

by Ida Andersen on July 22, 2022

July might not be known as a month where you cannot plant new flowers or plants in your garden or on your terrace. However, the weather is warm and the sun is shining, and it gives you the best opportunity to decorate your terrace and balcony with greenery. We are sharing our list of what to plant in July to help you grow the right plants for your outdoor area.

1. Butterfly bush
Butterfly bushes are fast-growing plants with long flowers that bloom in summer. You can also get the fine bush in such a small size that it fits the pots on the terrace. The butterfly bush thrives best in a sunny place. Butterfly bush blooms with the most beautiful flower clusters in both small, pink and white shades over the summer and attracts lots of butterflies.

Butterfly bush with purple flowers - perfect for self-watering planters on your terrace or balcony

2. Hydrangea
Hydrangeas are easy to plant in pots and bloom from early spring until November. When planting hydrangeas in a pot, it is a good idea to choose a large pot or planter so that the soil does not dry out too quickly and so that the roots have plenty of space. Also make sure that the pot has good drainage so that excess water can run off. Place the pot in a sunny place and preferably sheltered from the wind. GrowBIG and GrowLARGE are perfect self-watering wooden planters.

3. Cherry Laurel
Cherry laurel is a popular plant in Danish gardens and homes. This is due, among other things, to its beautiful green colour and its ability to resist shape cutting. It is an evergreen shrub which is good for dividing the terrace into small rooms. Cherry laurel is an easy plant to have in the garden. It must be watered twice a week in the summer. With sufficient amounts of water and nutrition, you will enjoy your cherry laurel bush for many years.

Cherry laurel with with flowers - perfect for self-watering planters on your terrace or balcony

4. Lavender
Lavender is a beautiful plant that is well known for its blue and violet flowers. It can be grown in the garden or in a pot on your terrace or balcony. Lavender needs full sun to grow so it grows best outdoors and can be a right choice to plant in July. You can decorate your balcony with these beautiful colours and attract butterflies to your balcony and garden. A smaller pot like GrowON is a great fit for Lavender.

5. Salvias
Sage grows best in full sun and well-drained soil. If you want to attract birds and butterflies to your balcony and garden, it would be a good idea to plant lots of sage, as they have aromatic foliage. The sage blooms profusely throughout the summer and has a high drought tolerance. The sage can be ideal for coastal gardens or terraces next to the water. They also grow in planters and can be used as a spice in your cooking.

Salvias plant for your balcony or terrace

6. Asters
If you are looking for stars to shine in your balcony and garden in summer , Asters can be the best choice. Asters are known for their amazing flowers, which are available in wonderful colours. Their colourful star-shaped petals make the garden like a sky full of stars. Asters grow in all types of soil but they prefer well-drained soil and they need the sun to flower.

Purple Asters flowers for your outdoor space: Balcony or Terrace. The best plant to plant in July

7. Roses
Roses thrive well in plant pots on the balcony. They are less likely to establish and thrive in hot, dry conditions. Plant your roses in rose soil and make sure that there is a good height on the pot and that it has a hole in the bottom so that the water can run off. If you want to plant roses in the garden, remember to plant them in a place with full sun and avoid planting under trees, due to the shade. As strong wind can damage the growth of roses, choose a place to protect them and remember to water abundantly.

8. Olive tree
The olive tree is a slow-growing evergreen tree, and is therefore suitable for growing in a planter or pot. It also makes it easy to switch between having the tree inside or outside depending on the weather and season, as the olive tree cannot withstand frost. With the right care, the olive tree can be many years old.

Olive tree is the perfect plant to plant in July

As July is the hottest, driest month of the year, be prepared to water regularly.. Watering the plants in summer, especially when you are away from them can be a challenge. Be sure to consider how your plants can look after themselves during the time you are far from them or you are on holiday. A unique self-watering system is one solution: A built-in self-watering system makes it easy to keep your plants green and healthy when you are away. See our self-watering Danish design planters to help your plants to take care of themselves when you are away.

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