Taking care of your wooden planters during winter

by Ida Andersen on December 05, 2023

Ensure the well-being of your plants and planters throughout the winter season, both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor Plants

During winter, plants experience slower growth due to reduced sunlight intensity and shorter daylight hours. Consequently, they require significantly less water. For instance, while your plant may need 3 liters of water monthly in summer, this can be reduced to approximately one-third during winter. To maintain optimal conditions, fill the self-watering system container every six weeks.

Ensure the plants don't become excessively damp; allow the soil to dry out before the next watering. If the soil develops mold due to excess moisture, remove the affected layer, add fresh soil, and let the plant dry for a few days. For those aiming to sustain faster plant growth in winter, such as with herbs, consider installing LED lights.

Outdoor Plants

To preserve evergreen plants outdoors in winter, provide minimal water, relying on natural rainfall to replenish containers. Periodically check for remaining water in the container, especially during frosty periods, and remove excess water to prevent container breakage.

Black planter with green and pink heaths

The GrowON Black Ash complements green and pink heaths and heathers plants, creating a stunning display.

If you plan to keep seasonal plants in outdoor planters during winter, relocate them to a sheltered space while awaiting spring.

Care for Outdoor Wooden Planters

Wood, being a natural material, weathers over time due to environmental conditions. Wooden planters are well-suited for wintry weather, enduring frost and snow. Exposure to water and wind typically causes wood to grey, while sunlight can lighten its color.

SQUARELY products are treated with natural oils that seal the wood and maintain its color over time. To preserve the natural color, reapply oil once or twice during the season. If you want to slow down the weathering process, move the planters to a sheltered location during harsh winter conditions.

Additionally, during cold weather and frost, ensure excess water is removed from the containers.

Planter maintenance during winter

SQUARELY planters are crafted from hardwoods, allowing for restoration in spring to achieve a fresh appearance. If you prefer the greyed wood look, rest assured that the products can withstand exposure to various weather conditions.

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Ensure the well-being of your plants and planters throughout the winter season, both indoors and...