The space that invites us out - Inspirations for your outdoor room

by Ida Andersen on April 07, 2022

Get some great ideas for your balcony and terrace this spring: For the balcony in nordic style or the summer house terrace.

Spending time outdoors is  crucial for our well-being. Fresh air, natural light, physical outdoor activities, slight temperature differences that boost our immune system, the scents, the wind, the sun. Summer vibes that make you feel alive. 

Humans thrive outdoors, close to nature. 

GrowWIDE + HoldON & GrowON Natural Ash

Now, with the change of the seasons, it's time to consider how we can design our outdoor space to invite us outside. A nice and cozy lounge area, a table, a grill, sun shades and maybe a sun-bed are essential parts of our outdoor space if we want to have friends over for a barbecue or a sun-downer.

Some details are less obvious, but as essential for a truly relaxing outdoor experience. Think privacy and views. 

We want to be a little less visible to our neighbours and don’t want to look at a dull concrete wall. That might be a difficult task in the middle of the city. A good solution balances between sheltering from the outside and allowing for some view and light to pass through. 

Well-chosen plants are the key to success. Looking at plants relaxes the body and soul. Plants are soft in appearance, but at the same time dynamic as they can change on a daily basis. Plants and planters provide style, warmth and division of space. Often, large, open terraces don't make us feel comfortable either. Divisions are the solution.  Large planters on wheels can act as partitions and help you to quickly rearrange your space depending on the season, light and occasion.

Here are several tips on how to make your outdoor space attractive.


1. Small City balcony 

These small spots make us breathe; having our own little outdoor area gives lots of quality to life. Small balcony railings allow for hanging planters. 

Natural wood and different straps make the space more cheerful and create a style. Well-chosen plants will help to create your own green space.

GrowWIDE Natural Ash + HoldON 

Adding colourful accessories such as pillows and rugs from Woodbox will make the space more cozy and distinctive.

If you are mainly looking for view protection, choose taller plants such as bamboo or grasses. If you wish for blossoming plants in the warm season, we recommend Pelargonium or Cotoneaster, Viburnum.

These small spaces can get a lot of sun, so you need to choose an excellent self-watering solution. A self-watering balcony planter saves you time and prevents the plants from drying out.

GrowWIDE Dark Oak + HoldON with self-watering system

If the railing does not offer more free space, you can hang the wooden planters on the wall or place GrowSMALL or GrowON on a table.


2. Large balconies or terraces

A bigger space leaves more options to create an outdoor room, especially if you decide to go for furniture for plants.

If you combine the light wood finish with many bushy plants you will make your outdoor room feel truly Nordic. Adding colourful pillows, blankets and rugs like those from Woodbox, you can create a Boho feel.

Wooden planters in Natural Ash

Using  planters in different sizes will give you some flexibility regarding plant sizes and makes it easier to rearrange the space. 

A general recommendation is to use a few of the larger planters like GrowLarge or GrowBIG that will help you to divide the space.

If you invest in evergreens, you will be able to enjoy a green view all year round.

Remember that bamboo always needs a lot of water. The built-in water container in the planter will solve this problem. Depending on the season, it will also get refilled when it's raining, which might extend the watering intervals to several weeks.

If you are more into a classic look, use darker wood shades. Combined with leather and bottle green upholstered furniture (as from HOUE), they will make the space look timeless and elegant. A sheep skin will add a truly Nordic touch. Alternatively, you could use rugs made of coconut fibers, as from Cicero

This style matches well with plants having dark green leaves, such as cherry laurel and Ivy as well as  olive trees. 

Remember that olive trees need to be placed indoors in harsh winters. Planters  like GrowBIG with wheels will solve this problem and look great indoors.


3. Terrace at your summer house

If you are into a minimalistic style and like simple forms, the look below will be your favourite.

GrowBIG Black Ash at STAY Apartments' rooftop 

There are many wooden buildings in Denmark in black cladding. This color always looks good, and it is easy to maintain. However, black spaces can easily feel a bit cold and need to be softened with plants and a few accessories. 

To create an outdoor room in this setting, you can use sheepskin, furniture with textile in colours, and plants that add color. 

Colourful plants in GrowLarge give a pretty accent. The Phormium in GrowBIG planters creates a cheerful attitude. If you need more privacy, you can rearrange the setup by moving planters on wheels.

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