Learn about us and how we created SQUARELY to bring you closer to nature with quality products


SQUARELY was created by Architect, Agnieszka Szwarczewska, who, after working for 7 years on sustainable buildings projects, decided to give people the true meaning of a well balanced design: a product that will bring people the feeling of being in nature. Admiring Danish Design, she decided to combine traditional values with innovative thinking and sustainable mindset.
Knowing how much the sourcing of materials impacts our environment, she took the extra challenge, to find a way of producing a quality product from what has already been produced for something else.


That was the beginning of SQUARELY, now there is a team of engaged, talented people bringing our vision of 'feeling good through nature' alive.    


Send us a CV if you are interested to work for us or do an internship at Squarely. Currently we are looking for people working with marketing and business development.

Please send it to:​ squarely@squarely.dk

SQUARELY catalog 2024
SQUARELY catalog