Tips for your "plants on wall" decoration

by Ida Andersen on February 09, 2022

Green living is more popular now than ever. And for a good reason: Houseplants are beautiful, affordable, and they come with a lot of health benefits.

As green plants become a bigger part of interior decoration in homes and offices, it seems like more floor space is needed. However, that is no longer the case when you simply can use plants as a part of your wall decoration with planters made for attachment on the wall. 


But how should you arrange your plant walls?

Where should you buy houseplants? And what rooms will they thrive in? Here, we will give you our best tips on how to decorate your home or office with plants on the wall. 

 GrowSMALL Wall in the kitchen


1. Start with easy plants and learn on the way  

Do not get too tempted and carried away to buy every plant in the plant centre on your first trip. Yes, we know it can be difficult, but if it is your first plant wall, then start small and purchase a few easy-to-grow plants.

It can take research and time to learn how to care for certain plants, and you can easily end up with a dead plant.

However, don’t get discouraged!

Plants like Monstera, Sansevieria, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or Spider Plant are all easy houseplants to keep alive with our planters with self-watering system - and they look amazing on your wall too! 


2. Buy fresh plants from your local garden centre

One thing is to do your plant research and to start small, another thing is to find healthy plants. You might think that all plants are grown the same way, but this is far from true.

At your local garden centre, the plants are most likely grown by specialists that know how to breed the strongest varieties of each plant species. Furthermore, they know early signs of plant diseases and pest problems, and it will prevent you from getting uninvited bugs to your home or office.

Remember, they are experts at your local plant centre so don’t be afraid to ask for good advice on where to hang up your plants in regards to sunlight and humidity.


3. Create contrast with different types of plants

A single hanging plant can look a bit lonely on the wall, and maybe even a bit out of place.

To get a more playful look, try to add a group of plants to create a contrast and movement that works in all environments. You can either buy a set of planters and hang them on the wall or just add two different plants in the same plant box.

Try to choose a few plants with different shades of green or sizes to keep it visually pleasing and to create contrast. 

GrowON Natural Ash Wall as a natural part of an art wall


4. Match your plants with your wall decorations

There is a lot of beautiful species of plants with different characteristics, and there is nothing wrong with treating your plants just like any other piece of your wall decoration.

In fact, you should match your choice of plant with your paintings or posters to fit it to the look of your home or office. Choose plants with a colour and leaves that create a visually pleasing yet interesting touch to your art wall.

For example: If you consider yourself as mid-century modern, consider an Epiphyllum Anguliger together with a Philodendron "Green Princes". 


5. Bright up dark corners in your home 

You often get told to avoid placing plants in darker and less light filled places in your home.

However, some houseplants don’t need a sunny and bright window next to them to thrive. Hanging low light-loving plants in the shadier rooms of corners of your home or office will add life and movement and even brighten up the environment.

Hanging plants like Epipremnum Aureum (Devil’s Ivy) or houseplants like Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) do well in places with less light.

Design your own plant wall - maybe at your office


6. Make a statement with more wall planters

Once you get to know some of the easy-going houseplants for your wall plant decoration, it is time to get more plant boxes for your wall that can serve as the centrepiece of your home or office.

Whether you prefer hanging plants or plants with coloured leaves, your living room, office, or entryway can become a major conversation piece. If you are not completely sure if you should add more plants to your wall, get more modest-looking plants or add a smaller plant box size like GrowSMALL

See all our Wall Planters here.

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