How to maintain & care for your outdoor wood planters

by Ida Andersen on March 21, 2022

When winter changes to spring it's time to get outside again! With the warmer and longer days, outdoors spaces such as balconies and terraces need your attention. High-quality outdoor wooden furniture and planters are built to resist the weather conditions for years, however, it does not mean that a little maintenance of the wood can’t help extend the life and make it look as new for years to come.

At SQUARELY COPENHAGEN, we strive to design and develop long-lasting wood planters. To ensure that they continue to serve you and your plants well, we recommend taking proper care of the products by following the below care guide.

Wooden planters create a warm contrast to grey brick walls

Wood planters like GrowWIDE + StandWIDE and GrowBIG create a warm contrast to grey brick houses.

Wood treatment with chemical-free oil

All our wood planters are oiled with chemical-free oil. The treatment with oil preserves the natural feeling of wood, protects it from the outdoor weather conditions, and adds a beautiful glow.

Oil is easy to reapply on all outdoor wood planters. Remember that wood is a living material, and wood surfaces will patinate over time. How much and how fast the surface will patinate depends on the exposure to light, water, and wind. The more exposed to the weather factors your planters are, the more often you should treat them again with oil.

Always remember: The colour change of wood does not affect its durability and does not mean bad quality. If your oak or ash wood started to turn grey, you could keep the patinating process. If you prefer the saturated colour of wood, make sure you apply oil at least once a year - especially outdoors.

How to maintain wooden planters

It’s pretty easy, just follow these steps:

1. Clean the wood

Once the wood turns grey, and you wish to bring back the previous colour, start by cleaning the wood, first with soap and afterward use the degreyer. We recommend using Trip Trap

Dark oak wood close up showing oiled wood

GrowBIG in dark oak is easy to maintain with chemical-free oil 

2. Reapply oil of your choice

When the wood is clean, you can choose to sand it and reapply the oil. We use this wood furniture oil from Guardian.

You can also apply coloured oil if you wish to add or bring back the colour to the wood. Regardless of which look you wish to go for, it is essential to clean your products at least once a year with soap. This will prevent algae growth which is inevitable in moist environments.

For indoors wood planters, the process will be very slow; there it’s enough to reapply oil once in 2-3 years.

3. Check the plant-bags and containers for the self-watering system

All our indoor and outdoor wood planters come with a unique self-watering system that will ensure the right watering for your plants. Be sure to check the plant-bags and containers to avoid wear and tear and water leaking. As plants grow, they expand their roots and can grow into the plant-bags. It’s possible to reorder bags for all our products.

Black wooden planter on balcony

GrowWIDE + HoldON is the perfect wood planter for your balcony.

4. Don’t forget about your wood balcony boxes

One thing is to ensure indoor and outdoor wood planters on your terrace or in your garden are well maintained, another thing is your balcony plant boxes. It’s important to treat the wood with oil and to check the straps and screws.

Our balcony straps, HoldON, are made to last years and can carry weights of 300kg. With the slight sign of wear and tear, exchange the straps immediately. If the straps have mechanical damages and were not used longer than five years, we will exchange them for free. All our straps are made of a combination of strong nylon and natural leather. If you would like to keep the new look of the leather, treat it like your shoes: Apply natural moisturiser or paste to the straps.

Be sure to check the screws if they did not become loose due to the weather conditions. If they have signs of wear and tear, please exchange the screws.

Wooden planters create atmosphere on balcony

Create cozy atmosphere with GrowSMALL and GrowON + HoldON

5. Be aware of oakwood and metal

Oakwood in contact with galvanised steel (not stainless steel), water, and oxygen can lead to accelerated rust. That happens due to the acidity of the oak wood and zinc content in the galvanization process. The exact process can occur when the galvanised steel touches any other steel or any other wood, but most often, the rusting process will be very slow.

If you wish to place the oak products outdoors directly on the galvanised metal surface, make sure that you place a layer of protective material in between, such as the sheet of plastic or glass.

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