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4 Tips for a Happy and Sustainable Christmas

by Ida Andersen on November 30, 2021

Happy December! 

As you all know, a little change can make a big impact and Christmas is no different. The festive season is a special time of year for everyone, as the holiday cheer, good food, decorations, and happiness fills our homes. However, more waste than ever fills our bins. It is time to introduce yourself and your relatives to a sustainable Christmas. 

But what can you do to make your Christmas more sustainable? To combat waste this year, we want to share some of our favourite tips for a greener season, and even more reasons to enjoy Christmas with a clear conscience. 

Consider it your present to the earth this Christmas.

GrowON with sustainable wrapping


1. Rethink your Wrapping 

Every household uses way too many wrapping paper rolls each year at Christmas. The majority of this won’t be recycled. So why not change it up this year and use newspapers (or if you can contain the excitement and unwrap your presents carefully, you could reuse that), or fabrics?

You can jazz the newspaper up by using ribbon, which you can use again. The newspaper can easily be recycled. Not only is it kinder to the environment, but it will save you money too.


2. Buy or Rent a Rooted Christmas Tree

A lot of people purchase a Christmas tree every year without a second thought. Instead, try to buy or even rent a rooted Christmas tree, so that when it’s time to bring down the decorations, you can replant the tree in your garden or summerhouse. 

A small step that can become a new tradition and it will save your tree and help the planet. SQUARELY Planters fit perfectly with a rooted Christmas tree and the self-watering system will keep the tree fresh all December (and longer if you decide to keep the tree).

GrowSMALL and GrowON with sustainable Christmas Trees. 


3. Green Christmas Food

If you want to serve a more sustainable Christmas dinner, then you must first and foremost choose organic. This ensures that the food that you are eating is not sprayed with chemicals or other nasty things. Organic food is good for you, nature, and our drinking water.

Covid-19 meant a big goodbye to big buffets which is often associated with a lot of food waste. Studies even show that there is far less food waste associated with portioned food than with buffets. So try to portion your Christmas food. 

If you wish to go all in on a sustainable Christmas dinner, then serve vegan or vegetarian food. Search for recipes or try a catering company like Meyers.

4. Sustainable Christmas Decorations

A lot of people buy new decorations every year when they can easily find similar items and reuse them. Upcycle or buy your Christmas decorations in a secondhand shop. Across the country, there are hidden treasures at barter markets, flea markets and thrift stores.

There is absolutely no reason to buy spruce cones or spruce for your Christmas decorations. Reuse your previous Christmas decorations and give them new life with finds from nature. That way, your Christmas decorations will be more sustainable

That was 4 tips from us to you. Do you have any tips for us? 

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