Tips for a More Sustainable Christmas

by SQUARELY Team on November 23, 2023

Christmas time is here, and with Christmas comes gifts, Christmas food, Christmas trees, Christmas hygge, Christmas dinners, and quiet days leading up to New Year's. There's no doubt that our consumption is high around Christmas, so it can be a good idea to reconsider habits and think a little more about our shared planet - and find a way to have a more sustainable Christmas.

As everyone knows, a small change can have a big impact when we all pitch in. Christmas is no different. The Christmas season is a special time of year for everyone, filled with Christmas cheer, good food, Christmas decorations, and joy in our homes. But at the same time, more waste than ever fills our bins. It's time for us to make an effort and present ourselves and our loved ones with a sustainable Christmas.

But what can we do ourselves to make Christmas more sustainable? What can we do to combat waste and bad habits?

We've discussed it and chosen our best tips for all of us to have a greener and more sustainable Christmas. It might even give us more reasons to enjoy Christmas with a slightly better conscience.

Consider it your gift to the planet.

Planter with eco-friendly gift wrappingGrowON planter with sustainable wrapping


1. Rethink Your Gift Wrapping

Every household uses far too many rolls of wrapping paper for Christmas every year. Most wrapping paper ends up being thrown away and not recycled. So why not change it this year and use newspapers instead? Or, if you can temper the excitement a bit and be a bit more careful when unwrapping your Christmas gifts, you can reuse the paper.

If you use newspapers, you can jazz up the package by using ribbons that can be reused. Newspapers are not only friendlier to the environment, but they will also save you money.

Another option is to wrap gifts in fabric that doesn't get damaged easily and can be reused for several years. You can probably find colourful and suitable fabric in the local thrift store.


2. Buy a Christmas Tree with Roots

Most people buy a Christmas tree every year without thinking about it. Of course, you can buy an organic Christmas tree that is not sprayed with pesticides. And if you have to choose between Norway spruce and Nordmann fir, the Norway spruce is the most climate-friendly.

You can also buy a Christmas tree with roots so you can replant the tree in the garden or cottage when Christmas is over. Depending on the size of the tree, you can choose a suitable planter from SQUARELY. If the tree is large, you can use a wheeled planter, so you can easily move the tree around in the living room.

Especially for the Norway spruce, which can dry out quickly if the tree doesn't get water, self-watering planters can be a great advantage. This way, you can have the Christmas tree standing outside until Christmas and bring it into the living room to decorate it on Christmas Eve. After Christmas, you can plant the tree in the garden and use the plant box either on the terrace or inside the house for the rest of the year.

It's a small step that can even become a brand new tradition. At the same time, it can help keep more trees alive and be a small contribution to the planet.

Christmas tree with rootsGrowSMALL and GrowON with sustainable Christmas Trees. 


3. Organic - and Green - Christmas Food

If you want to serve a more sustainable Christmas dinner, you should first and foremost choose organic. This way, you ensure that the food you eat is not sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. Organic food is good for you, nature, and our drinking water.

If you want to go all-in on a more sustainable Christmas dinner, you can keep it completely vegetarian. Whether it's with turkey, vegetarian, vegan, organic, biodynamic, or conventional, it's also essential that the products you buy are locally produced.

Get inspired by searching for recipes for alternatives to roast turkey - or if you don't have much time to shop in various stores and spend half the day in the kitchen, you can also try a catering company with an eco-friendly profile.


4. Sustainable Christmas Decorations

Many people buy new Christmas decorations every year, even though there are many opportunities to buy things that can be reused year after year. Christmas is the time of traditions, so recycling Christmas decorations is in line with the Christmas spirit.

You can also upcycle or buy Christmas decorations at a thrift store. You'll be surprised at how many hidden treasures there are at swap meets, flea markets, and thrift stores.

There is absolutely no reason to buy cones or branches for your Christmas decorations. Save the Christmas decorations from year to year and take a walk in the forest or on the beach, where nature has plenty of things that can be used to decorate. This way, you reduce consumption, and your Christmas decorations become a bit more sustainable.

These were 4 tips from us to you. We would love to hear from you if you have more good tips for us.

Merry Christmas!


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