Trifork - Let’s Change the World Together

by SQUARELY Team on December 14, 2023

Self-managed teams, purpose-driven, and a flat hierarchy—Trifork is a next-generation IT and software company where the future and sustainability play a significant role in creating an ideal workspace for its employees.

Upper floor at Trifork

With offices in 15 countries worldwide, comprising 72 business units and 21 start-ups, Trifork relies on self-managed teams to ensure agility throughout the company.


A crucial aspect of Trifork's approach is to foster knowledge sharing and networking among its business units.

People in dialogue networking at Trifork

New Nordhavn Office

Their new office in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, embodies Trifork's commitment to improving the world. It is constructed using sustainable materials, and this minimalist building not only reflects sustainable construction practices but also incorporates new technologies to maintain long-term sustainability.

Coffee area at Trifork

Together, Trifork and SQUARELY COPENHAGEN are leveraging both companies’ vision of changing the world for the better. Supporting Trifork's vision of creating office spaces rooted in sustainable materials with SQUARELY planters and greenery.

SQUARELY takes care of people and planet, by integrating nature to office spaces in smart-solutions, while reusing left-over wood. In this case SQUARELY’s planters offered as well the modularity, providing a flexible solution for welcoming spaces conducive to networking and creativity. These planters are strategically placed in common areas, serving as dividers and fostering relaxed environments for networking and dialogue.

Born Flexible

The modularity of SQUARELY planters is a key feature, allowing for flexible and dynamic implementations. The choice of planters was adapted to different sizes and needs of spaces. Some offices chose to place them in window sills, some to hang them from the ceiling.

Their self-watering system, which operates without electricity, enables easy installation and reinstallation to adapt to changing facility needs.

Office wall with self watering planters

Wood - Sustainable and Reused Wood

One standout feature of SQUARELY Copenhagen planters is their commitment to sustainability. The planters are crafted from reused wood, when choosing SQUARELY planters, Trifork not only contributes to sustainable practices but also communicates a commitment to responsible design. The use of reused wood adds a unique character to each planter, contributing to the overall charm of the decor.

Wooden planter in the reception

Integration of Nature

Danish design often emphasises a connection with nature, and SQUARELY facilitates the integration of greenery into the space, at the same time promoting a sense of well-being and creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere for employees and visitors.

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