Revitalising Workspace: A SQUARELY COPENHAGEN and TESTHUSET Collaboration

by SQUARELY Team on January 25, 2024

TestHuset, a house of knowledge dedicated to enhancing digital solutions, collaborates with SQUARELY COPENHAGEN to revitalise its workspace. With over 75 employees across Denmark, Sweden, and Spain, TestHuset primarily operates from its Ballerup headquarters in the Greater Copenhagen area.

TestHuset - Receptionen

Together with SQUARELY COPENHAGEN, TestHuset wanted to revitalise their workspace, not only adding plants, but also for the general office redecoration, creating a more welcoming and vibrant workspace.

Upgraded look and feel

TestHuset is located in a classic older office building in an industrial area in Ballerup. The offices had a traditional appearance, lacked natural light, and had a general poor air quality. TestHuset sells courses, among other things, and consequently, has many clients in its premises. The company desired both to improve the ambiance for its course participants and to enhance air quality, especially in the course rooms.

"The overall impression when entering TestHuset's offices for the first time is radically different than before. It is both cozy and more modern at the same time." Mads Boesen, Marketing and Education, TestHuset

SQUARELY created design concepts, visualising how the training rooms would look with planters and updated colours. At the same time, the modularity of the planters makes it very flexible and gives the architects and interior designers a unique opportunity to tailor a solution specific to the office workspace.

Our interior revamp journey involved a colour transformation, incorporating warm woods and an abundance of plants to create a nature-inspired wellness boost. The strategic use of light played a crucial role, enhancing textures and infusing a cosy atmosphere.

Training rooms

TestHuset Training Room before revitalisation TestHuset's area for training before the redesign of the area.

For the training rooms, a dynamic plant wall was chosen to introduce organic elements. The GrowMore planters' base adds a dynamic touch, contributing to improved air quality and acoustics in the training room.

TestHuset Training RoomTestHuset's area for training after the redesign.

Impressed by the impact in the training rooms, TestHuset extended the upgrade to the reception.

Reception area

The initial dark wall colours combined with insufficient lighting prompted a comprehensive approach, involving changes to wall colours, coverings, plants, and planters. In the end, the final solution also included improved lighting which enhanced the textures and infused a cosy atmosphere.

TestHuset Reception before upgradeTestHuset's reception area before the redesign of the area.

We agreed to find a lighter colour for the walls that would fit the brand colours well and at the same time make the greenery stand out. Adding wooden panels to the walls also helped improve the acoustics of the reception area and increased the organic material in the room.

The final touch we added new light sources, giving visitors a welcoming and pleasant first impression when visiting the office.

TestHuset - ReceptionenTestHuset's reception area after the redesign of the area.

It was very much a collaboration between the two companies that ended up with a solution where both employees and visitors felt an upgrade.

Improved experience for both employees and visitors

The overall impression when entering TestHuset's offices for the first time is radically different than before. It is both cozy and more modern at the same time. This provides both customers and employees with a sense of professionalism, making the environment pleasant and creating a positive vibe.

"We no longer face challenges with poor air quality during courses, whether our premises are full or not," says Mads Boesen from TestHuset and continues.

"The positive feedback from both employees and visitors underscores the success of the revamped indoor atmosphere. Interior architects' insights into facility improvements have proven invaluable, showcasing how subtle changes can significantly enhance the overall experience.

Having experienced interior architects look at the facilities and understand how the space can be improved can be a big help to understand how small changes can have a big impact.

The offices are frequently used visually in our external communication and on social media. This change will impact both visitors and our target audience that we reach digitally. Overall, it contributes to strengthening the TestHuset brand identity, which is a part of gaining increased strategic influence with our customers and attracting the right and future talents to the company."

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