Product care:


We make our products from hardwoods that can stay outdoors for many years, will not rot or get brittle. 

The wood as natural materials can change the color over time. The length of the process depends on how much the product is exposed to weather conditions.

 Some like patinated wood, some would prefer to keep the original color. 

We give you a choice as all our woods ( besides the white Ash) are oiled. That means that you can re-apply the oil anytime you want. You can slow down the color-changing process by re-applying the layer of oil and sheltering the products from the exposure to the weather in the coldest and wettest months. You can always de-gray the wood, bring it back to the natural color or apply a new one. 



If you want to clean the plastic parts, you take the container out from GrowBig. In GrowOn and GrowWide, you need to unscrew one side (take out two screws). 

Never try to remove the container by force, as there is a risk of breaking it. If this happened or due to the other mechanical damage one got destroyed, you can order a spare part. 


Textiles Straps: 

The straps are made from durable fabrics that can bear up to 300 kg; nylon does not need much care. 


Leather Straps:

Those are combined with nylon, and they will keep their strength for many years. If you want to keep the leather look like new, treat it as you would the leather on the shoes. Apply from time to time leather oil or cream. 


Textile bags:

The textile bags are weather-proof. You can clean them and re-use them if you change plants. If you would like to get a new one you can order it from the spare parts. 


Capillary mats:

The mats are made of synthetic fibers, durable for many years. The plants with aggressive roots can grow into them. If this happens, you can order additional ones
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