Coffee table with planter
Self watering wooden planters

For home and office - hanging, wall mount or standing

Terrace Big Design Set

Kr. 5,398.00

Terrace Small Design Set

Kr. 3,997.00

Wall Design Set

Kr. 2,296.00

Gift set: 2x GrowON

Kr. 1,798.00

Double Design Set: GrowON + StandON

Kr. 2,197.00

Gift Set: 2x GrowON + 2x StandON

Kr. 2,399.00Kr. 2,596.00

Balcony Copenhagen Black Design Set

Kr. 2,096.00

Office Wall Design Set Natural/Black Ash

Kr. 2,096.00

Green Wall Set

Kr. 4,940.00

Small Wall Set

Kr. 2,964.00