Revolt: The highlight of a sustainable agency

Revolt is an innovative agency with a vision and a strong connection to sustainability. The owner and employees wanted to redesign the office space to match the creative and fresh vibe. A healthy indoor climate and environment across the lobby and the meeting rooms was crucial.
Contribute to a relaxing and sustainable brand profile

Create a creative environment with green and thriving plants

Use green and thriving plants to create a healthy indoor climate



The green plant wall

Revolt wanted to have a green highlight in the common area. Here, hanging plants can crawl and cover the entire wall over time. We selected high-quality plants and helped with the installation of the greenery.

A place for creativity and inspiration

A company is nothing without their employees, and Revolt is very much aware of this. That's why SQUARELY COPENHAGEN invited the office for a workshop to understand what was really needed and wanted by the staff. Here, most highlighted the importance of green hubs where creativity and inspiration.

Should we help you with your next sustainable office project?

SQUARELY COPENHAGEN has helped Revolt to create green environment. Get inspired by our cases and contact us if you would like to receive advices for how to convert your space into a green hub.