How to keep your plants alive while you are on vacation

by Ida Andersen on June 24, 2022

Summer is already here, and it is time to go on vacation. But what about your green plants? It is a pity to come home from vacation just to find your green plants without leaves or withered beyond recognition. However, even if you are going on several weeks of vacation, you can keep your plants alive and thriving. We are sharing our top tips and tricks to keep your plants healthy. 


Our wooden planter GrowON Dark Oak

1. Adjust sunlight and temperature 

It’s pretty common knowledge: The more natural sunlight your plants get, the more thirsty they will get over time. To ensure that your plants won’t die while you are on vacation, move your plants away from direct sunlight and into shadier parts of your home or outdoor space. When you return, you can easily move your plants back. 

To keep your plants happy, turn off any heating system or air conditioning to keep the indoor environment humid while you are away. This way, you will easily maintain a good level of moisture in your plants’ soil. 


2. Prune your plants lightly

Pruning is the practice of selectively removing plant parts like branches, buds, spent flowers, etc. By pruning your plants lightly before you go on vacation, you avoid your indoor and outdoor plants using too much energy and water on maintaining these parts. This also means that your growing plants have more power to grow flowers and new tiny leaves for when you get back.

 Self-watering wooden planters for the balcony

Self-watering system in our balcony planter GrowWIDE Dark Oak 

 3. Keep the soil moisture

Watering the plants in summer, especially when we are away from them can be a challenge, and you always ask yourself, how can you water your plants when you're on vacation? 

If you are away from your home for less than a week, be sure to water your plants thoroughly before you leave. Houseplants like succulents will be fine without water for longer periods. 

Are you away for longer than one week? Then it’s the right time to consider how your plants can look after themselves during the summer holidays. A unique self-watering system is one solution. A built-in self-watering system makes it easy to keep your plants green and healthy when you are away. If you are gone for even longer, then you can add lava rocks, wood chips, or mulch on top of the soil to help keep moisture.

At SQUARELY COPENHAGEN, we combine modular Danish design with a smart self-watering system that provides you with healthy, fresh plants in a stylish, distinctive, modern form made of high-quality wood. Our planters are not just planters, it is furniture for plants. 

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