Greener streets and waste repurposing

by A sz on March 18, 2019

Greener streets and repurposing waste as the inspiration for a Danish Startup

Green but not faultlessly green:

Copenhagen is considered to be one of the greenest cities in the world. This is no surprise since 25% of its total area consists of parks and lakes, 62% of the city population cycles, and 32,3 % of its energy comes from renewable sources.

However, unlike a lot of other European cities, many of Copenhagen's streets are lacking a green element. Trees are only planted on a few main roads, and it seems that the trend of decorating terraces and balconies with plants hasn't really taken off yet. This problem became the inspiration for SQUARELY to find a sustainable way to make cities greener and encourage individuals to grow more plants.

Many benefits of greenery:

Besides the obvious beauty that greenery adds to spaces, research shows that having plants in your living and working environments is also beneficial to your physical and mental health. Having plants nearby helps to reduce stress and even improve productivity. 

Urban Environment with greenery

High-quality waste:

It's a well-known fact that the waste produced by industries and the growing population has become a burning issue in the last few decades. The plastic waste abundance in our environment is overwhelming. Even though the methods for collecting and recycling plastic have become more advanced, these processes only solve only a minor percentage of the problem. Creative solutions to reduce plastic use are in very high demand.

SQUARELY saw this problem as an inspiration to reuse materials for the production of its planters. Through this initiative, SQUARELY is also bringing awareness for the importance of sustainability to its customers.

Today, 80% of the materials used in SQUARELY products come from industrial waste and byproducts. Now, these materials get a second chance to be repurposed into high-quality products.

Through careful design processes that minimize energy input and maximize recycled materials, SQUARELY increases how green your home can be. By decorating with high-quality and natural SQUARELY products, you can rest assured that your home is both beautiful and sustainable.

Circular economy and waste repurposing in detail:



Sourcing / Transportation/ Manufacturing/ Assembly

Excess wood from high-quality, FSC-certified furniture production is one of the main sources of SQUARELY products. The wood comes from the EU and is used to create the company’s high-quality oak planters.

Another resource is PE plastic containers that SQUARELY sources from local candy shops. There are over 10 000 of these containers thrown away every month just in Copenhagen alone.

The candy containers are repurposed in the Copenhagen workshop for the plant and water containers. The use of PE plastic containers that are certified for food storage assures that there are no toxic emissions in the soil used to grow your herbs and vegetables.

Usage and maintenances:

Long-lasting product

SQUARELY products are made of high-quality wood, which is dipped for several hours in a chemical-free oil. This increases the wood's resistance to weathering and enhances the color of the product that will last for many years.

Attachment, feelings, and trust

SQUARELY offers you the ability to personalize your products. You can play with different designs and chose the one that fits the most your needs. The stylish, Nordic design of the planters coupled with the self-watering system makes your plants incredibly easy to maintain. When you see how well your plants are thriving, you're sure to keep coming back for more SQUARELY products to fill all the rooms of your home!

Circular design.

SQUARELY plant boxes are designed and manufactured for easy assembly at any stage of use. This allows for the replacement of parts to keep the full functionality and value of the product for many years.

Modular design: Each SQUARELY planter can be transformed and used in multiple ways with different accessories. The planters can be hung on a wall or railing with durable leather straps, elevated on sleek wooden stands, or placed right on your window or balcony. This innovative, customizable design lets you play with your decor and adjust it to the place and the season.

Product Service System

SQUARELY wants its users to enjoy the products in as many ways as possible without creating any additional waste. Therefore, there is the option to rent SQUARELY products for special events.

Collection/end of life:

If customers are finished enjoying their SQUARELY products, they can deliver the whole planter or any of its parts to SQUARELY where the pieces can be reused for new products or to test prototypes of new models.

Through innovative design and sustainable thinking at the forefront, SQUARELY has found a brilliant way to close the resource loop and make our cities greener with beautiful products.

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