How to Prepare for Hygge on Your Balcony in 6 Simple Steps

durch Squarely Squarely auf May 17, 2020

GrowON White AshGrowON White Ash

The trees are finally green, and even if it is not warm enough to enjoy an Aperol Spritz in the sun, it is still blissfully hygge to sip your favourite cup of foamy cappuccino outdoors.

Yes, for the past two months we have been going through very bizarre and challenging times, but you can use this increased time at home to complete a project that will immediately put you in a summer mood!

Just take a look outside - if you managed to keep your balcony clean and tidy throughout the previous seasons of wet weather - good job!

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Like most of us, however, you probably moved in from your balcony with the last rays of the September sun and abandoned all the (once beautiful) plants.

The good news is that warmer days and long summer nights will be back soon and will stay with us for another 5 months! 

So no matter if you have a tiny balcony or a spacious terrace on the rooftop, it is a perfect time to create a cosy space where you will relax after work or spend your perfect Saturday mornings.

We have prepared a simple six-step to-do list that will make your life a little bit easier and help you prepare your outdoor space for the upcoming season.

Terrace Small Design Set Dark Oak

1. De-clutter the space

Just be honest with yourself- those old, rusty, broken pots have not served any purpose in years, and you planned to throw out those empty beer cases a long time ago...

Get rid of and everything that clutters the space and cannot be reused in any meaningful way. If you did not empty the old soil and dead plants out of the pots after summer, do it now before you proceed to cleaning.

Lastly, remember to recycle the garbage!

Balcony Design Set GrowON White Ash with Cognac Straps

2. Make it shine

You do not want to bring any dirt into your apartment, so start by sweeping the area. Dust, remove soil and plants debris- if they are not too big they can also be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. Remember to be considerate of your neighbours and do not sweep dirt over the edge of your balcony! 

Once you are done with this, clean the furniture, floor and railings. You can use soap with warm water or one of the dedicated balcony cleaning products. It may be necessary to scrub the floor with a brush, but be careful- if the floor has a wooden surface, you can easily damage it. In this case, a mop should suffice. To finish up, use a clean rag or sponge to rinse the surface.

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3. Renew the wood

If you have an old wooden floor or walls you can give them a new, refreshed look. Clean the wood properly with soap and a brush. Apply the de-greyer to remove the moss and bring back the hint of the original colour. Let it dry and apply oil on to the wood if you want to keep its natural colour.

You can also add a new colour and a new look by painting the floor and wall. The character of the space can change profoundly by giving it a new colour.

Here is an example of an awesome roof-top terrace renewal by Squarely’s Founder, Agne:


The old floor was dark and covered with a layer of mold, not cleaned by the previous owner for over 13 years. Agne and her fiancé completely renewed the floor by cleaning it and oiling.

They repeated the same steps with wooden walls, with a different finish- light grey paint. That gave the space lighter and fresher look with an elegant finish.

The smooth surface of the walls gives the perfect contrast to the green plants and Squarely pots.


GrowBIG Dark Oak

4.       Good view

Your balcony will not glow until you clean the windows. Remove dirt and dust first to avoid muddy stains on the glass. Then, apply your favourite glass cleaner, dish soap or vinegar dissolved in water and clean the windows from corner to corner. To finish, use a microfiber cloth to make windows spotless and streak-free. Now you can admire your balcony also from the inside and enjoy sparkling cleanliness outdoors.

GrowON Dark Oak with HoldON Black Straps

5.       Add plants

Perhaps some of your plants survived winter and it is still possible to give them a second life. Use fresh soil and repot the survivors. Before buying new plants, think carefully about which ones will be suitable for your balcony. You must assess how much sunlight and wind your space receives and choose plants that will cope well with this microclimate.

Be kind to our planet and always choose good quality planters that will last longer than just one season.  By choosing solid and sustainable plant boxes from SQUARELY you will add a stylish touch to your private oasis and also make urban gardening effortless thanks to the self-watering system.

GrowON White Ash with HoldON Black Straps Balcony Set

You can also decide on the style of the plants:

If you want to keep the clean Nordic style- use the local grasses that can be found by the Scandinavian coast.

GrowON Natural Ash with StandON legs Natural Ash

Add the southern European style by planting Olive and lemon trees.

GrowON Dark Oak with StandON Legs Dark Oak

Bring up your cuisine by cultivating home grown ingredients: You can grow your own vegetables, tomatoes, our create your mini herbal garden.

GrowON Black Ash with HoldON Black Straps

And remember to be creative with placing the plants. You can turn your outdoor space into a real urban jungle, no matter how big it is. You can add the greenery to more surfaces, not limiting yourself to the traditional plant pots hanging on the railing.

GrowON White Ash HoldON Black Straps

Place your plants on the wooden wall...

GrowON Dark Oak with HoldON Black Straps

Or put them on the brick wall...

GrowWIDE Natural Ash

Or let them grow from the floor and climb up...

Terrace Small Design Set

6. Make it hygge

Danish design is all about liveability and…hygge. Create a space where you will feel good. Express your personality by adding furniture, lights, blankets and other decorations of your choice that will make your balcony an integral part of your home. You could even add some cool speakers...

One last thing you need to do is to brew yourself a cup of fresh coffee, a nice glass of wine, or even your favourite cocktail to celebrate your success!


We want to see you sipping on your drink of choice, enjoying your fresh new balcony! Send your balcony makeovers to us on Instagram @squarely_cph #Balconymakeover - we will select some to be featured on our Instagram page! 


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