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Let SQUARELY Copenhagen be your partner in transforming your workspace into a unique, sustainable, and visually stunning environment. You can choose a one service tailored to your needs or opt for a full package with a green interior transformation, from design proposal to regular care of plants and watering.

Our services

Plant &/or Design

Whether you want to improve the look of your office with plants, or make a bigger project : create an impressive entry with a green wall or improve the spatial division, acoustics and indoor climate, we will help you by creating the design proposal.

High quality
and unique plants

We source the highest quality unique plants that fit with your style, or easy plants bringing lots of fresh greenery, all depends on your needs and priorities. All our plant products are locally produced in Europe and made of recycled materials.

Time efficient

We provide you with the full service of plant care and watering. We visit your office only 1ce a month, due to our efficient watering system. We can also guide you how to use it youself, if you do not wish to outsource the watering.

Elevate Your Workspace with Unique and
Evironmentally friendly Plant Service


At SQUARELY Copenhagen, we understand the pivotal role that your workspace plays in making a lasting impression on clients and fostering a productive atmosphere for your employees. We have 10 years of experience working with office design, indoor climate and sustainable architecture. Since 2017 we are decorating offices, restaurants, terraces with greenery. All our planters are made of recycled materials.

We developed an innovative watering system that conserves water and simplifies plant care, reducing the frequency of visits for plant care, thus time and transportation.

Hailing from the heart of Scandinavian design, we embody the principles of minimalism, functionality, and sustainability in every aspect of our work.

We understand that no two workspaces are the same. Our experts work closely with you to design personalized plant solutions that align with your brand, space, and sustainability goals.

Our circular strategy

SQUARELY COPENHAGEN works based on eco- design principles and a circular strategy wheel: Starting from reused material sourcing as the design inspiration, sustainable manufacturing, easy care, upgrade, easy repair and maintenance, leading to possibilities of repurposing and easy disassembly, and potential recovery.

Our process

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Our clients

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Write to us and book the visit at your office. We will come and advice you where to place the plants, which one to choose, and how can you improve the space with them.

Improve your work space

Unique Design
For your brand

We decorate and highlight your spaces by integrating high-end greenery. With us, you get a unique look and functional furniture for plants ranging from planters to acoustic walls. We dress your space in natural wood that strengthen the feeling of nature and make a common office space look special.

Balanced and
Healty Workspace

We offer you a fully customized design solution based on space analysis, integrating plants to improve privacy, acoustics, and zoning. We do not decorate with randomly placed pots and plants. We truly study your space and use greenery to improve it visually and functionally.

Strengthen Your Brand's
Sustainable Profile

If you choose SQUARELY COPENHAGEN, you highlight your brand’s sustainable procurement. You emphasize your care for the employees and the planet. We deliver sustainable products and a design for your office that allows every employee to have contact with greenery.

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