27 of the Best Restaurants and Cafes in Europe (for Plant-Lovers!)

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Written by Emma Roberts

Europe is opening up again, and the designer/foodie in all of us wants to eat while surrounded by beautiful interior plant scapes...

    Luckily for us, this will be easy to do! That's because, back in 2017, Dedon was doing it, Rosanna Orlandi was doing it, in fact, the whole of Salone Del Mobilia Milano was doing it - plantscapes were in vogue - and now the foodie-world has taken note and filled their restaurants with stunning flora and fauna! So you can experience these sumptuous green spaces all within Europes local restaurants and cafes!  

     We will cover the best places to dine in plant-style in:

    • Denmark
    • Sweden
    • UK
    • France 
    • Germany
    • The Netherlands
    • Spain
    • Hungary

      So, if rose-tinted memories of dining out amongst luscious ferns, monstera magically waving in the breeze, and ivy-dripping ceilings have you harking back to pre-COVID times, don't turn yourself green with envy - read on to water your imagination and get your future holiday plans flowering with our tips of the top plant-filled Restaurants & Cafes in Europe! 

      Once lockdown is over, why not visit the most beautiful restaurants in Europe and give your Instagram a fresh start and view some plant scape perfection! 

      Inspire your urban gardening skills at home or for your commercial interior design projects and take inspiration from some of the best contemporary architecture plantscape projects, plant-covered buildings and green restaurants. With so many ideas for how to arrange indoor plants combined with stunning restaurant and cafe design, you can live the life of luxury without leaving the continent.  

      N.B. this article is not making a comment on the food served at the restaurants - but as every good foodie knows, ambience maketh the meal - so eat up and enjoy your instagrammable tropical surrounds! 

      (Have you been to any of these delightful eateries already? Send us a comment and let us know about your experience!)


      SQUARELY self-watering planters are of Nordic design made right here in Copenhagen, so what better place to begin our journey through Europe than our home country, Denmark!

      Manon Les Suites - Hotel, Copenhagen

      We are going to get this out there first as this is the only non-restaurant in our list - but this space deserves an honourable mention! One reviewer said it best "Environment friendly and luxurious. Secluded and private, yet located in the heart of the Danish capital. Manon Les Suites didn’t disappoint"  

      Vækst - Restaurant, Copenhagen

      In the heart of Copenhagen's Latin Quarter, Vækst (the Danish word meaning "growth") is an experience for the plant-lover. A beautiful glasshouse filled with hanging ferns, ivy, herbs, palms, and grasses adds to the fresh new Nordic menu on offer. Part of the renowned "Cofoco" group, sustainable interior architecture and green cuisine has never been so sumptuous!

      Glyptoteket - Cafe, Copenhagen

      Created by Carl Jacobsen and opened in 1882, the Glyptoteket is actually a beautiful art museum with a tropical surprise! A beautiful oasis to relax in and, back in the 1900's, to enjoy a picnic in even the harshest of Nordic winters. Now, the museum's cafe takes the place of the picnic, serving modern cuisine amongst the ferns. Open Tuesday to Sunday, you must visit the Glyptoteket to visit the cafe, both are well worth it!   

      Radio - Restaurant, Copenhagen 

      Plant-based produce makes this vegetable-forward foodie-haven a delight to dine in. Reasonably priced with beautiful plants - all taken care of by our Black Ash SQUARELY self-watering planters - makes this a top spot for supper in Copenhagen. 

      Høst - Restaurant, Copenhagen 

      A second mention for the interior planting magicians at the Cofoco Group, Høst is a SQUARELY favourite. Høst is an award-winning restaurant with sustainable style. Aiming to reduce food waste, CO2 footprint, and their energy consumption, this team is focussed on creating the most sustainable and beautiful Scandinavian eating experience. Winning several international design awards, including 'the world's best-designed restaurant' at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, this is a must-visit for any Copenhagen vacation. 

      Blox Eats - Cafe, Copenhagen

      Denmark's 'Center for Sustainable Urbanization' is an awesome building showing the Country's commitment to a green future, however, it might not sound like a place to visit on your holidays. BUT wait, this uber-green co-working space has a large and delicious Cafe on the ground and 1st floor, perfect for a large group and right next to the beautiful canals - with large banana leaf palms decorating the ample seating space, this is a green cafe in the true sense of the word - take comfort in the fact that you're surrounded by sustainable architectural design and contributing toward a greener future.   


      A short flight or train and you can land in beautiful Sweden. While they have taken a different approach to the spread of COVID19 and so are not currently open to travel from Denmark, when they are open again, there are ample places for you to visit...

      Palmhuset - Greenhouse, Gothenburg

      An honourable mention suitable for plant-lovers goes to Palmhuset, for a beautiful botanic experience. Built by Georg Löwegren, with a similar "winter garden" concept to our previously mentioned "Glyptoteket" - this gardener and director of the Garden Association 1859-1916, used "Crystal Palace" in London as a model for Palmhuset and ordered the creation from Scotland which was they assembled in the centre of Gothenburg. With cute cafe tables and chairs available, but no food served, you are allowed to bring your own food in - so why not put together a delicious picnic from a local delicatessen and eat amongst the exotic palms. 

      Kafe Magasinet - Cafe, Gothenburg

      This Reviewer said it perfectly... "A light bright interior is filled with potted plants and beautifully appointed furniture. Situated on the fringe of the historic Haga district of the city (one of the only spots in Gothenburg that escaped the great fires which ravaged through the wooden buildings in centuries past), welcome to Kafe Magasinet, a destination which is likely the most Instagrammable coffee shop in Gothenburg…"

      Restaurant Atelier, Hotel Pigalle - Gothenburg

      Stunning floral arrangements drip from the ceiling of Restaurant Atelier, a French-Bistro inspired restaurant using local Swedish ingredients. The beautiful indoor plants perfectly indicate how to arrange indoor plants in a restaurant from a stunning and atmospheric effect. 

      Zetas - Nursery & Cafe, Gothenburg 

      More Nursery or cafe, we are not sure, but what is certain is that it is better to eat surrounded by plants. Zetas fulfils every plant-lovers dreams in their large greenhouse, and more in their huge plant nursery! Why not take one home with you! 


      London has a stunning array of floral cafes, a trend back in 2018 - now we are seeing a more exciting use of green planting in some seriously sumptuous restaurants.  

      The Winter Gardens, Greenhouse/Shopping Center, Sheffield

      With over 2500 plants from around the world, Sheffield's multi award-winning Winter Garden is one of the largest temperate glasshouses in the UK. At over 70 metres long and 22 metres high it is a world of flora and fauna to feast your eyes upon while you do a little retail therapy.

      Annabel's Restaurant & Bar, London 

      A private members club in the heart of exclusive Mayfair, if you can gain access, then enjoy a drink in the rose room, or the jungle-inspired restaurant, or the stunning garden terrace.  

      The Ivy - Chelsea Gardens, Restaraunt, London 

      Leafy covered trellis and beautiful magnolias, hydrangeas, ever-chic Boston ferns, and cyclamens compliment the stunning exterior terrace of The Ivy at Chelsea Gardens. Relax or wine and dine in this sumptuous cacophony of colour designed by Cameron Landscapes and Gardens

      The Coppa Club, Bar London

      If you love a restaurant covered in flowers, or a garden themed bar, this is the place for you. Coppa work with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to consistently improve their sustainability. Their stunning outdoor igloos are perfect for indoor/outdoor vibes and the views of central London are incredible. Enjoy a cocktail or two! 


      Sky garden Bars & Restaurants, London 

      For green architecture and interior landscape lovers - with two bars, a brasserie, restaurant, and terrace you'll be spoilt for choice on where to spend a fern-filled Friday. We recommend the city garden bar! One reviewer said "Friendly bar staff who like to show off their talents and are happy to chat about the recipes behind the cocktail. A great buzzy atmosphere, and the prices are quite reasonable. Live music also"  

      The Culpeper (Rooftop) Restaurant, London

      Growing their own vegetables in the heart of London, this gorgeous restaurant is dedicated to bettering their environment long term. Not only do they help educate the local community but also contribute to improving urban quality of life, creating jobs and provide the freshest food possible! If you're looking for the full flavour/fauna package - The Culpeper has it. 

      Dalloway Terrace - Restaurant, London

      The Floral Cafe trend went viral in London a few years back, but no-one does it quite like Dalloway. As far as Garden Cafes in London go, this one is blooming marvellous. Located just meters from the chic Covent Garden and stylish Oxford Street, the Terrace has a cosy yet magical feel - which was created as a nod to the areas 20th-century artistic ambience. 

      Spring - Restaraunt, London

      Its all in the name - this refreshingly modern take on classic interiors incorporates stunningly tall indoor plants and trees for a sophisticated elegance and ambient dining experience. Located in the Iconic Somerset House, peruse the stunning art collection before a supper at this seasonal restaurant.  

      Gloria - Restaurant, London

      Part of the Big Mamma group that has dominated the interior plantscape scene in France, this is the groups first London attempt - "a cheeky re-imagining of what a brilliant Italian restaurant should be with some tongue-in-cheek additions," says this Review 

      14 Hills - Restaurant, London

      High in the sky on the 14th floor, 14 Hills is a glamorous restaurant and bar with views and interiors to inspire. Any London trip must include a dinner or at least a night-cap at this sumptuous jungle bar! 

      The Hackney Coffee Company, Cafe London

      Quirky coffee aficionados with interior style like no other, this site was transformed from a mechanic’s garage to an urban jungle cafe, supper club, cocktail bar and music venue. While we usually like our plants alive, we have to concede that these dried orange-tree leaves make for one of the more beautiful architectural accessories and interior cafe design concept. For flavourful brews and zesty atmosphere, head to Hackney Coffee Company. 

      Sushi Samba - Restaurant, London

      Perfectly merging stylised interiors with planting perfection, this modern and sexy restaurant and bar design feature red velvet booths, stunning ceramics, and oh my - that CEILING, a living ceiling full of luscious foliage - we'd be staring at it all night! Serving sushi to devour, this is a perfect go-to dinner spot in London. 


      Le Brebant  - Champagne Bar, Paris 

      In the 9th arrondissement you will find the kitsch play on a champagne and lobster bar - originally from 1865, this stunning restaurant/cafe features an ornate bar, wicker chandeliers, and stunning dried foliage and magenta florals. Interior plant design at its most effective.  


      Piada - Cafe, Lyon

      Traditional Italian materials combine with effervescent colours and bunch planting for a thoroughly modern aesthetic. Enjoy your artisanal Italian fare in a rainbow of neon hues, metallics, herringbone wood, and natural greens. 


      Pink Mamma - Restaurant, Paris

      Pink Mamma is a huge four-floor trattoria serving BBQ steaks, salads and pasta in alfresco style. Enjoy the ivy-covered ceilings and rustic hardwood floors and the boisterous ambience that can only come from a large, BBQ smoke scented outdoor restaurant. 

      Get the look: Natural Ash GrowON with Grey Fabric HangONs + Vine  


      The Greens - Cafe, Berlin 

      Green by name, green by natures - this ecological cafe in uber cool Berlin uses locally harvested vegetables and herbs combined with luschious green houseplant interiors to provide a green architectural bliss for the sustainably minded.  If you're in love with cafes full of plants, this is a must-see. 


      House of Small Wonder - Cafe, Berlin

      Right next to Friedrichstrasse, this is the second venue for the Brooklyn entrepreneur's Japanese inspired cafe. With a familial atmosphere, natural wood and lots of plants, this rustic cafe interior is perfect for your list of 'locations with lots of plants' to visit in Europe. Freshly baked bread and pastries are served throughout the day because, as these guys put it "everyday life is not about the big wonders, it's about the small wonders"  

      The Netherlands

      It should come as no surprise that the Dutch love plants, enjoy a taste of Amsterdam's finest greenery...

      Bar Botanique, Amsterdam

      A colourful green oasis in the heart of Eerste van Swindenstraat. Birds of paradise, banana plants, Boston ferns and large-leafed trees fill this green-hued interior. Splashes of salmon pink and warm wood add a north-African feel to this tropical paradise. 

      Get the look: GrowBIG Natural Ash + Tree


       La Borda - Restaurant, Madrid

      Truly one of the most iconic restaurant designs, this charismatic interior oozes charm and timeless elegance usually reserved for members clubs and millionaires. The recovered natural wood and textiles are as much a part of the experience as the food, but the vegetation is their calling card. This is a must-experience for every plant-lovers European trip. 


      Mazel Tov – Budapest, Hungary

      This (dog-friendly!) urban garden cloaked in foliage, vines cascading from the mezzanine of Mazel Tov like living curtains, is located in the 7th district of urban Budapest. Perfect for your post-COVID garden party, wedding, or just a chill afternoon in the city. Did we save the best until last? You decide... 

      Click to check out SQUARELYs range of Danish design self-watering planters, perfect for cafes, restaurants, and your home!

      Have you been to any of these delightful eateries? Or know a plant-filled place we've forgotten one? Write a comment and let us know about your experience!  

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