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We deliver a solution for your green office from ready made packages to fully customised design. With SQUARELY COPENHAGEN you get:


Improve your work space

Unique Design
For your brand

We decorate and highlight your spaces by integrating high-end greenery. With us, you get a unique look and functional furniture for plants ranging from planters to acoustic walls. We dress your space in natural wood that strengthen the feeling of nature and make a common office space look special.

Balanced and
Healty Workspace

We offer you a fully customized design solution based on space analysis, integrating plants to improve privacy, acoustics, and zoning. We do not decorate with randomly placed pots and plants. We truly study your space and use greenery to improve it visually and functionally.

Strengthen Your Brand's
Sustainable Profile

If you choose SQUARELY COPENHAGEN, you highlight your brand’s sustainable procurement. You emphasize your care for the employees and the planet. We deliver sustainable products and a design for your office that allows every employee to have contact with greenery.



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Sustainable office projects

Premade Office Solutions

Take a look at our premade packages with self-watering planters and sustainable plants.
Fra 2.290,00 DKK

Inklusiv fire mindre plantekasser til væg eller gulv med planter og plantepleje.

Fra 4.399,00 DKK
Mellem Kontorpakke

Inklusiv fire små og mellemstore plantekasser til væggen eller gulvet med planter og plantepleje.

Fra 8.499,00 DKK
Stor Kontorpakke

Inklusiv fire store plantekasser med planter eller træer og plantepleje.

Should we help you with your next sustainable office project?
SQUARELY COPENHAGEN has helped Nordgreen to create green environment. Get inspired by our cases and contact us if you would like to receive advices for how to convert your space into a green hub.