IPU: From a classic to a green office space

IPU works with clients and supports them in their digital and sustainable transformations. This sustainable mindset is incorporated across the entire company - and now also in their office design. IPU wanted to create a healthy, relaxing, and more inspiring office environment for their employees. SQUARELY COPENHAGEN provided self-watering planters in warm wooden-tones and with exotic plants to lighten up the plain office and to create a space where employees want to spend their time.
Contribute to a relaxing and healthy indoor climate

Create a statement with green and thriving plants

Highlight the sustainable profile and vision



Green room dividers

The goal with the project was to integrate tall plants and wooden interior design that would increase the feeling of privacy between the office tables and better the acoustic in the entire room. We purchased and professionally planted the selected high-quality plants to the tailor-made design solution and placed them in between desks.

Should we help you with your next sustainable office project?

SQUARELY COPENHAGEN has helped IPU to create green environment. Get inspired by our cases and contact us if you would like to receive advices for how to convert your space into a green hub.