GoBoat - green space with SQUARELY

Fully sustainable

GoBoat's owners wanted to make a strong visual and sustainable statement by adding greenery to their pavilion and, at the same time, create a fresh, attractive space for both their clients and employees.SQUARELY offered GoBoat a system of self-watering planters that was the perfect aesthetic fit - the pavilion is made from reclaimed wood in the same colour as SQUARELY planters. In addition, due to the functionality, SQUARELY's self-watering system was the ideal solution for a sun and wind-exposed Pavilion.

From a Glass to Green-House

While planning the project, SQUARELY's designer approached the client with the creative suggestion of converting the Pavilion from a Glass House into a Green House. SQUARELY presented several proposals including 2D drawings and 3D visuals. The concept was to give a multi-level green experience by adding planters at different heights onto the wooden facade. SQUARELY's designs featured three types of planters, GrowON, GrowWIDE and GrowBIG, with the combination of both tall and hanging plants..


Complete green design for Green House impression Plant selection to withstand local and harsh conditions Purchase of quality plants and transportation Tailor-made design solutions Complete plant installation Professional planters installation, including extra safety measures 6 months of the maintenance service with the plan.

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