Crafting a Sustainable Tomorrow

Af SQUARELY Team den October 31, 2023

In today's world, sustainability is at the forefront of our minds, and it's heartening to see companies coming together to create innovative solutions for a greener future. A recent collaboration between three companies – SUPERWOOD, The UPCYCL, and SQUARELY COPENHAGEN – is a testament to this spirit of environmental consciousness.

Urban planters from Superwood designed by Squarely


The Pioneers of Sustainable Wood

Superwood, a Danish company, is at the heart of this partnership. They have developed a revolutionary solution for impregnating wood, using just a fraction of the wood protection chemicals that other producers typically use. Their product, aptly named "Verdens Bedste Bræt" (the best board in the world), is designed for building facades.

These boards are not only long-lasting but also made from natural materials. Notably, not every board meets the stringent quality standards for building facades.

However, Superwood's commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there. They make these slightly imperfect boards available for other projects through The UPCYCL, with the moniker "Verdens Næstbedste Bræt" (the second best board in the world), because it's still of excellent quality.


Where Sustainability Meets Creativity

SQUARELY COPENHAGEN shares the same vision of a waste-free world. Their mission revolves around creating beautiful products using excess high-quality wood from various productions.

This is where The UPCYCL plays a pivotal role, forging a perfect partnership between Superwood and Squarely. The latest manifestation of this collaboration is SQUARELY COPENHAGEN's transformation of discarded PEFC-certified SUPERWOOD into stunning, long-lasting wooden planters.

These planters are not only eco-friendly but also perfect for outdoor use. They come in a range of sizes based on a modular system, with custom sizes available upon request.

This collaboration stands as a shining example of how innovative thinking and eco-consciousness can work together to build a more sustainable future. We look forward to more such partnerships that will help us craft a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

You will be able to see the new SQUARELY prototypes made from SUPERWOOD at their display stand at Building Green in Copenhagen 2023.

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