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    Alocasia Wentii 'The Elephant Ears'

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      • Plant: Alocasia Wentii 'The Elephant Ears'
      • Pot size: 21cm
      • Plant height: 75cm (including pot)
      • Matching size: GrowMORE, GrowBIG, GrowLARGE (recommended 2 pieces)
      • Light Condition: Partial shade
      • Location: Indoor
      • Difficulty: Easy 
      • Toxicity: May contain toxic substances for humans or animals. Keep out of the children and pets reach
      The Alocasia Wentii is a houseplant with huge arrow-shaped leaves. The younger leaves are lighter in color than the older ones. The underside of the leaves is dark red and the shape resembles an elephant ear. That is why alocasias are often called elephant ear. The striking green shiny leaves with beautiful drawings fit perfectly into any stylish interior.

      In the South Holland side of the Amstel in Nieuwveen there is a nursery with remarkably high greenhouses: tropical plants are grown here up to six meters high. You can find those very large plants - in all kinds of shapes - in shopping centers and offices. De Amstel also has a whole range for home use, of which the Olifantspoot is just one. 'De Amstel' is a real family business. Started in 1969 by father Huub van Diemen. The second generation now holds sway over 5.5 hectares at two locations and twenty employees.

      Combining modern and distinctive design with a Danish wood-crafting tradition, SQUARELY COPENHAGEN provides the ultimate solution for growing indoor and outdoor greenery, edible plants, and flowers. By using our products, you contribute to reclaiming and re-using materials and to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

      The water tank and soil container are made of high-quality recycled plastic. We source the wood from excess in high-end furniture production in the EU. This prevents leftover wood to be disposed and unnecessary trees to be cut down. The wood is either oiled ash or oak from European FSC controlled forests.

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      SQUARELY was started with a vision to inspire people to live a green life with minimal effort. We want to build a future where people feel healthy and relaxed, in their home and offices, surrounded by thriving natur - nature that can take care of itself.

      All plants come from the EU

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