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Turn your Man-Cave into the Ultimate Tech-Smart Urban Jungle!

durch Squarely Squarely auf May 26, 2020

By Emma Roberts

Guys, does your voice echo around the room when you're skyping your mates? Have your colleagues commented on your blank white walls in every video call? Have you forgotten to furnish your home with anything other than a grey/black sofa, large flatscreen TV, and a designer bed?  

We’ve all been spending considerable time indoors, and it is so important that our home is both a space that we enjoy and that keeps us sane - you've been surrounded by white walls for too long, man! 

No fear, we’re here to help turn your quarantine box into a bachelor pad fit for a Jungle-King (or Queen!) - and all using nothing but plants...BONUS, we’ll stop you from killing those lil' suckers too...

PLUS with our Father's Day Sale of 20% OFF our stunning BLACK ASH COLLECTION with PROMO CODE: FD20 what better time to celebrate your manhood or treat the special guys in your life to a quick apartment upgrade! 

But first, why even have plants?

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Man's new best friend

That's not to insult dogs. We love dogs. But do you have to take your plant out for walks in torrential rain and then pick up its business?

Our living spaces are getting smaller, and not everyone has room to keep a loyal pet. The next best option is filling our apartments with another living creature, luscious plants. They improve our air quality and increase our enjoyment of the space without creating noise or mess, win-win!

Plus, adding plants and natural materials into your living space can be one of the most inexpensive, quickest, and easiest ways to make a white box feel like a home.

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Get back to your roots

As well as giving us cleaner air to breathe and a more comfortable environment, growing plants taps into our primal desire to be in nature and grow something with our own two hands.

Remember being outside playing in a field, digging for worms, rolling around in the mud? There's nothing quite like getting down and dirty with soil, and as well as being good for the immune system, it's also a proven mood-booster...  

And hey, let's not forget that when we (are finally allowed) to bring home a significant other whom we're trying to impress, nothing says "I can take care of business" like a cosy room full of luscious green foliage!

Plus, there's the awesome added benefit of houseplants being incredibly eco-friendly for the environment! 

So really they are the most effective way to immediately drag a dull room out of boredom.

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Live like a Jungle-King

So, you want to turn your bright white apartment into a thriving urban jungle, to feel good in your stylish tech-smart abode and impress your mates with the coolest apartment plants and gadgets...

Say no more, let's get to it!  


Check out amazing Instagram Inspiration from @HiltonCarter @UrbanJungleBlog @BoyswithPlants

Just hangin' around

To be a King, you have to think like a King. So, the first thing you have to do is channel your inner Tarzan and envision your new environment. If there’s a bare wall, get a plant. Empty table, get a plant. Floorspace...yeah, you know what to do.

We will give you more tips for where to place your plants further on in this article, for now, you need to choose which plants you love and make sure they're right for the space you've got! 

Talented greenthumbs are getting the spotlight across socials, you don't have to look far for the sweetest apartment planting inspo - just follow the most stylish plant-man, Hilton Carter, join a tribe of plant lovers at @SQUARELY_cph and @urbanjungleblog or the cheekiest Instagram, @BoyswithPlants

You can get inspired and customise your selection and really show your planting personality.  

Live like a King with the coolest plant around, the Anthurium Jungle King - and why not try it in our GrowWIDE planter

Look for the Bare Necessities

When looking for your new greenery, the best bachelor pad plants must be low maintenance. 

And what better plant for a jungle-king, than one named after him. The 'Anthurium Jungle King' is your new best friend. Strikingly large leaves and a stunning green foliage, this is one of the best plants for a guy, and it gives your interior a boost. Simply find a good spot in the sun to place it and leave it to flourish! 

And there are so many more stylish plants out there for a man to choose from!

Why not try these best indoor plants for beginners...

The vibes are strong with this one - our GrowON Dark Oak with Sansevieria Plant

Sansevieria Zeylanica

The Sansevieria is a fantastic houseplant for beginners, a fabulous choice of small indoor plant that will grow straight up vertically, and extremely easy to care for. 

Culture in your home doesn't just have to come from paintings, your plants can be equally exotic - originally from Africa, Madagascar and South Asia, Sansevieria will purify the air in your home, removing all kinds of harmful substances!

And unlike most plants, the Sansevieria does this at night, so it is perfect for your apartment or townhouse bedroom and for houses with little ventilation.

A handy fact you can choose to share with your guests, it is nicknamed "women’s tongue" - do with this information what you wish. 

Calathea Burle

If you want something truly special, try the Calathea Burle, native to tropical Central and South America...

This plant pulls up its leaves in the evening, meaning that during the day you will see the beautifully striped top of the leaf, and when it gets dark - the beautiful purple underside!   

The perfect medium-sized indoor plant for houseplant beginners, easy to care for and hard to kill. If there was ever a plant for those in wonder at the awesomeness of nature, this is it. 

Dracaena Compacta

Dracaena Compacta is a beautiful plant with two trunks, great for adding height to compact spaces, it gives a strong visual identity to your jungle-kingdom and impresses all those who come upon it. 

Very easy to maintain and one of the best indoor plants for clean air, perfect for homes in the city and for houses with low ventilation.


You can easily buy house plants online, which is the best thing to do if you're going green and buying a plant during quarantine!

All of these beauties mentioned above are available online through our store with FREE DELIVERY in Denmark and on most products in the EU, so you can get mail-order plants delivered directly to your door or local post office! 


Sexy GrowBIG Black Ash or GrowON Black Ash + Plant is the perfect sophisticated piece for your pad

Hey Jane 

Next, you have to keep these cuties alive - first option, you can look out for plants that refuse to die, plants you just can’t kill, no matter how hard you try, they just seem to thrive on neglect.

Second option, if you know any GreenThumbs, you can invite them to live with you and help you, or your third option (and we've saved the best 'til last here) you can utilise your ever-trusty side-kick, technology... 

Watch the Video - SQUARELY self-watering technology

It's called the future, get used to it! 

Despite what people say, growing apartment plants can be easy, especially when you have tech-smart planters like SQUARELY to help. Tech-Smart Planting is gaining hype, and we've put our energies into creating the most BOSS looking planters with hidden self-watering features. 

Using capillarity, our system ensures the soil gets naturally and continually hydrated at the same humidity level so that your plants always stay perfectly hydrated.

You only need to water 1-3 times a month, allowing you to go on with your busy lifestyle and still enjoy healthy plants in a dry summer! Learn more about self-watering planters or check out the video here...

SQUARELY self-watering technology

HoldON Straps attach to GrowWIDE and GrowON Window Boxes

Reach new plant-parent heights

Be like the King of basketball (if not all sport), Michael Jordan, and give your plants some height and air. Level-up your planting game with custom shelving or hanging pots.

Get handy and create some awesome indoor shelving in the living room or kitchen. Or for those who prefer a more hands-off approach to DIY, choose SQUARELY GrowON or GrowWIDE with HoldON wall hangs, then simply find a suitable place to wrap the straps around or fix onto the wall for immediate hanging plants! 

Here's Mike with some inspirational words for you to get planting...

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."

Slam Dunk. 

Get low

Unlike the film, they'll be no early funerals for your Bushes! Your plants can survive for years in a SQUARELY GrowON, GrownBIG, or GrowWIDE planter - just pop your plant in and plop it on the floor, inside, outside, balcony, bedroom, bathroom - you name it, as long as you've got the right plant in the right environment it will grow in our SQUARELY's! 

Chill on your balcony with GrowON Natural Ash + HoldON Straps, for the perfect hang this summer

Get ready for chill summer days 

Aside from a BBQ, speakers, and a beer fridge, the only other essential outdoor accessories are plants! Easily plant in your outdoor space with our outdoor-treated hanging boxes, then sit back and relax in the warm summer sun with a refreshing brew and some summer tunes. Check out Bang & Olufsen wireless sound systems for some seriously sexy stereo. That's a vibe.  

Try our Limited Edition GrowON Grey Ash in your bathroom

Keep it fresh!

Every King needs a throne, a place for peace, solitude, and quiet contemplation. For those living with others, that may very well be the toilet. Keep your bathroom as jungle-like as the rest of your home with plants that love lower light levels and more humid conditions. A scented plant, herb or flower will keep your space fresh for guests and for you to relax on your throne like the king that you are. 

And while you're in there, enjoy time coiffing your cut and tending your follicles with handmade beard products from Danish brand BeardPilot. Slick AF.


SQUARELY's Black Ash Collection is the perfect deep dark tones for bedroom mood

Dark leafy greens for bedroom mood

Make your jungle-kingdom a sultry and inviting space with dark leafy plants and black planters for a seriously sensual bedroom mood.

For added freshness, add plants to your bedroom side table, shelves, or drawers so upon awakening from your royal slumber the first thing you will see is the beautiful sight of nature.  

GrowON Natural Ash is a stunning self-watering herb grower!

Fragrant herbs for your nightly feasts

Now you can hunt and gather delicious vegetables straight from your kitchen! We all know food is life, and what better thing to eat than freshly grown veggies straight from your kitchen planter boxes! Tomatoes, chillis, herbs - there are so many fabulous foods you can grow yourself at home. They taste so much more flavourful than shop-bought produce, and you can feel pride that you grew them yourself (with a little help from SQUARELY!).  

Up the intensity and give your cooking some heat with punchy hot-sauce from Danish connoisseur Chili Klaus - you'll create evenings to remember through the ages!

Check out our amazing Design Sets and simply add Plants to get your house filled with gorgeous plants immediately! 

The Final Frontier 

IT IS TIME. You have survived many challenges, young Jungle-Padawan, and you have now reached the final frontier of jungle-pad creation. The living and dining room. These rooms are the perfect spaces to show Tarzan what's up and squeeze in as many plants as you can!

You simply cannot have too many plants in these areas. If there is a spare piece of floor, wall, or surface, then a true jungle-king would see the perfect spot for a plant!

Thanks for reading and we wish you good luck with your creations! 

We want to see you swinging from vine to vine in your new jungle-kingdom, loincloth and all! Send your jungle-pad makeovers to us on Instagram @squarely_cph #squarely 


Whether you desire plants for the balcony, living room, terrace, kitchen or bedroom, our self-watering plant boxes all come with a self irrigation capillary system that will keep your plants healthy and fresh both indoor and outdoors. Totally mobile, you can place them in full sun or shade to suit your plants. These stunning nordic design window boxes come in a classic danish oak design, ash, or treated hardwood. Choose from a range of accessories, for a planter with legs, hangs for self-watering balcony boxes or as is for a stunning indoor plant box.


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