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17 Tips for How to Stay Sane while Self-Isolating (spoiler - get plants!)

durch Squarely Squarely auf March 22, 2020

You’re going on lockdown - here’s how to stay sane and not divorce your friends & family during COVID19.

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By Emma Roberts

GrowOn Grey Ash Sustainable Self-Watering Planter by SQUARELY

It’s day 4 in the lockdown house, you've been successfully self-distancing, but you've started noticing some new things, like how loud a mouse click is, and how often other people blink.. and breathe. 

Your housemate keeps asking you about toilet roll. Your kids are there. All. The. Time. Your meetings are cancelled or chaos. 

Life has become groundhog day - but in fewer locations. 


Lockdown is doing things to all of us...

While it might feel like a dystopian series of big brother - there are some very real issues to deal with. Obviously, the actual virus and keeping physically healthy is the number one priority right now, but also, so is your mental wellbeing.

Apparently, divorce rates in China have soared.

Turns out, spending a solid two weeks locked in with the others in your home might come as a challenge, and put a big strain on relationships...

Time for the good news!

Firstly, if you feel like you’re going stir-crazy, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.

SQUARELY is here to help. It is our mission to make your home a relaxing, enjoyable space - and that means top tips for how to cope when you’re confined to your apartment. 

How to stay happy, healthy, and sane during a pandemic lockdown

GrowOn + StandOn Natural Oak Sustainable Self-Watering Planter by SQUARELY

1. SAY IT TOGETHER, “Plant for Sanity”

One word. Plants. If you don’t have them in your home,  get them (online), right now!

OK, we’re biased, but hear us out...

As well as increasing humidity and oxygen levels in your home, they boost your mood, concentration, AND creativity.

PLUS studies have shown that bringing nature into the home is one of the best things you can do to foster a sense of altruism and cooperation - and what could be better during these trying times?

Surround yourself with plants...

Being amongst nature does wonders when you’re feeling a little low. Feeling the grass beneath our feet and the leaves in your palm immediately reduces mental stress, fatigue, and increases relaxation and self-confidence. 

And when plants are indoors, work performance increases, well-being improves, and you enjoy life a little more.

Luckily you've come to the right place as we have just launched our new plant collection!

Delivered straight to your door - you can enjoy a home full of nature. And keep your plant alive in your beautiful SQUARELY self-watering planter.


Whether you prefer a Zen Garden or an Urban Jungle, ensure your home is somewhere you want to be. We recommend creating a little space for meditation and relaxation.  

Follow this list for a calm, zen den of peace and tranquillity:

  • The right temperature 

  • Turn off all electronics - except speakers for relaxing music!

  • Blinds Drawn

  • Dimmable lamps

  • A comfy rug & lots of cushions 

  • Plenty of Air-Purifying Indoor Plants like the Sansevieria or Dracaena

Shop online as most stores (including us!) are still delivering, if you don't want to buy new, you can always move your existing furniture around to create the right atmosphere.

Get inspired with these 30 home meditation room ideas 

Or learn how to create a calm room in your home 

*redecorate but don't paint your room while on lockdown - the fumes will get you!*


As they say, "absence makes the heart grow fonder," but that's hard to achieve when you can't travel anywhere, so not talking for a little bit is good too. 

When you find yourself needing a little space, zoning is your answer - but what is that? 

Zoning is an interior design hack to create different spaces for different activities. You can do this by creating natural room dividers in open-plan living with tall or dense plants, lighting, rugs, and curtains. 

Tall plants like the Monstera are perfect for this

GrowOn Natural Oak Sustainable Self-Watering Planter by SQUARELY


No need to stop your work just because you're at home! Staying productive is great for your mental wellbeing and will help you keep positive. If your usual 9-5 doesn't permit working from home, perhaps its time to try out that new freelancing career!

Get useful tips for working from home HERE.

Did you know - having plants around you boosts productivity and also reduces noise levels

We recommend the plants with big leaves as Anthurium Jungle King for noise absorbency.

So when you're on that important video call, consider a nice green, leafy background to soak up the sound of your kid singing the Frozen song at the top of their lungs... again.

Let it go, guys. 


Stretch, lift, balance - there are many exercises you can do in a confined space. While it is still possible to go outside and enjoy a walk or run in the sunshine, many places on lockdown have to make the most of their living rooms.   

Les mills do a great work out at home and here are more tips for how to stay healthy while self-isolating.

To make your space as fresh as possible, air-purifying plants like Sansevieria and Peace Lilly are perfect for when you want to work out but can't actually go out.

The extra oxygen is great for giving your training a little boost! Read more about the importance of Oxygen in your workout.


Yoga and Meditation can help calm the mind and body. And with your relaxing new space, you have the perfect place to practice. 

Try online yoga - there are plenty of classes on youtube, or you can find some here:

There are also some great apps for meditation, such as Headspace.

The perfect plant to pair with your zen zone should add a little colour to your relaxation space, greenery such as the Anthurium Jungle King  will work wonders and give a tropical touch to your space.

GrowBig Dark Ash Sustainable Self-Watering Planter by SQUARELY


Cleaning is a great workout, can make you feel productive, and is actually really good for your mental health.

Does your home spark joy? If not, Mary Kwondo it.

Can't find the cleaning product you need? You can make your own

Your environment is so important in helping you stay healthy - this antibacterial PLANT is a big seller right now.


Essential while you're doing that spring clean, get some new tunes pumping!

If you don't already have Spotify, you need to download it - take it to the next level and swap music recommendations with your friends online.

Pump up the volume and dance around the house or sit back, relax, and soak it in.

Or you can always start playing an instrument! There are some great apps for learning a new instrument to help you. 

See how Europe is sharing music during the lockdown

Plus, your new plants will love it! Don't believe us? Music for plants is real!



Learning new things is so important, and in our digital age, there are plenty of ways to pursue hobbies online. 

Listen to a podcast on this cool new app Entale - they add in interesting visual information and links so you can delve even deeper into your favorite true-crime or TEDtalk.

Or you can read a book, try your hand at some art, or take an online course:

Plant Physiology:

Permaculture design:

GrowOn Black Ash Sustainable Self-Watering Planter by SQUARELY


When time expands from staying in one place for a long period, it can be difficult to stick to a routine - but it is so important to maintain healthy sleeping habits.

The sleep foundation has some top tips or get 24 tips from 24 people on how to sleep better.

Or use many of the sleep monitoring apps available.

And, of course, there are plants that can help to - this PLANTkept in your bedroom, helps reduce fatigue



at home spa treatments can be yours!

GrowOn Natural Ash Sustainable Self-Watering Planter by SQUARELY


Make eating your new hobby, cook healthy meals using fresh ingredients from your SQUARELY planter, our GrowWide, featuring two self-watering systems, is perfect for growing delicious herbs! 

Download FoodSharing Copenhagen's Free Recipe Book HERE and try something new - we know you have time! 



Life doesn't stop - make plans (inside) for now, then eventually for outside too!

Book in an online group hangout with your friends, decide on having a nice meal with your partner every Friday night and plan what you're going to do once you finally get to leave the house! 

Looking forward to future events can help deal with stresses in the present, so why not carry on making plans. These great apps can help you stay organised



Book in a family board-game night, online poker tournament, video-game hang, indoor picnic! The ideas are endless...

Decide which board games to get here

Then buy them here

Try a video-game hangout online.

Ideas for more fun things to do at home:



It's important to stay up to date on what's going on in the world, but if it's getting too much you can always take a break.

Here are some tips for how to remain calm when there is a world of overwhelming news out there.

GrowOn Dark Oak Sustainable Self-Watering Planter by SQUARELY


Therapy is always a good idea - and luckily you no longer need to physically visit a therapist to get these benefits...

BetterHelp is an online counselling platform where you can speak to a therapist anywhere in the world at a time that is convenient for you.

You can also try other therapies, such as art, light, music, or plant therapy.


Make the most of the unexpected situations, enjoy this time you have to relax, learn, grow, and spend together with your family. 

Check out how others are enjoying the #Silverlining 

Sustainable Self-Watering Planters by SQUARELY

We hope you stay safe, happy, and healthy and that these tips will help make this time more enjoyable. 



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