Coffee table with planter
Self watering wooden planters

For home and office - hanging, wall mount or standing

GrowWIDE Dark Oak + StandWIDE

Kr. 2,148.00

GrowSMALL Natural Oak Wall

Kr. 688.00

GrowLARGE Dark Oak

Kr. 4,999.00

Table Organizer in Natural Ash

Kr. 1,699.00

GrowBIG Dark Oak

Kr. 2,699.00

GrowWIDE Black Ash + StandWIDE

Kr. 2,148.00

GrowWIDE Natural Oak

Kr. 1,699.00

GrowSMALL Natural Ash

Kr. 599.00

GrowON Dark Oak

Kr. 899.00

Table Organizer Dark Oak

Kr. 1,699.00

GrowWIDE Dark Oak

Kr. 1,699.00

GrowON Dark Oak + StandON

Kr. 1,298.00