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How to take care of your plants & SQUARELY planters during winter

by Ida Andersen on November 17, 2021

Winter is coming and it's time to learn how to take care of your plants and your SQUARELY planters. 


Indoor Plant Care

In winter, plants grow much slower due to the lower sun intensity and fewer sunlight hours. As an effect of this, the plants need much less water. As a comparison: your plant would need 3l of water in the summer every month; in winter, it will require approximately three times less. That means that it would be sufficient to fill the SQUARELY container every 1,5 months.

Make sure that the plants do not get too wet. Fill the water container and ensure that the soil dries out before you fill it with water again. The plant will need a drying period in between. If the plant gets too wet, the mold can start to grow in the soil. If this happens - remove the soil layer with mold, add the fresh soil on top and dry out the plant for a couple of days.

Tip: If you would like to keep the faster growth of plants in the winter, keep your herbs thriving or make the plants flourish, you can install LED lights for growth.


Outdoor Plant Care

If you wish to keep your evergreen plants outdoors in SQUARELY pots in the winter, you can add very little water. Typically, the containers will get filled again once it is raining. Make sure, however, every month that there is some water left in the container. In case of periods with frosts, remove the water to ensure that the containers do not break with the excess of water. If you wish to keep the seasonal plants in SQUARELY pots in winter and wait for the spring, it is recommended to move the plants and the pot to the sheltered space.


GrowON Black Ash looks amazing with green and pink heaths and heathers plants.


Outdoor SQUARELY Planter Care

Wood is a natural material that ages due to the weather conditions. Typically wood will grey if exposed to water and wind, will get lighter in color if exposed to the sun.

SQUARELY products are treated with natural oils that seal the wood and maintain the color in the period of time. If you wish to preserve the product's natural color, reapply the oil once or twice in the season. If you wish to slow down the weathering process, move the products into a sheltered location if you do not grow plants in winter. If there comes frost during the night make sure to remove the excessive water. 

Our products are made of hard-woods, which means that you can always restore them in spring and make them look new. If you like greyed wood, you do not need to worry about the products being exposed to the weather conditions.

Once the wood turned grey, and you wish to give back the previous color, start by cleaning the wood, first with soap; afterward, use the degreyer. We recommend using TripTrap to clean the wood. 

When the wood is clean, you can further sand it and reapply the oil from Guardian Outdoor Wood Oil.

You can also apply the colored oil if you wish to add or bring back the color to the wood. Regardless of which look you wish to go for, it is essential to clean your products at least once a year with soap. This will prevent algae growth which is inevitable in moist environments.

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